It must suck to be Justin Guarini these days. It's one thing to have Kelly Clarkson's shadow looming over you in all directions. But even William Hung has experienced a level of notoriety Guarini's best publicist couldn't pay for (Hung's first album reached number 3 on's sales rankings and several songs have reached the top 10 on Apple's iTunes charts). As for Clarkson, well, you just sort of have to love her. The first and most successful American Idol hails from Burleson, so she's got a real hometown-girl-makes-good thing going for her. Her songs are pop-like enough to appeal to the kids, with just enough edge to make her relatable to teens and above. She's managed to do what Britney and Christina never could, hinting at a not-so-innocent nature underneath her small-town girl sensibilities without crossing the line to whorish or just plain silly. Plus, girls finally have a successful role model that's not all boobs and bones. How great is that? She's no William Hung, that's for sure. But she bangs,... More >>>