Hear ye, hear ye! Gather 'round and rejoice ye North Texans, for 'tis a wond'rous time in the Year of Our Lord 2006: It's the season for Scarborough Motha-effin' Ren Fest, bitches! Bust out your corsets (pun intended), your man-tights, your bigass turkey legs and mugs o' mead, because somebody's about to get medieval on your ass--fo' real. Let's be honest, there aren't a whole lot of reasons to drive out to a big field in Waxahachie, but the best damned Renaissance fair in the whole world is one of them. Other reasons include: scoring some backwoods meth and shootin' varmints—just kidding. Sure, a lot of people think us Texans are just simple-minded rednecks, but the fact that we have a month and a half of falconry, swordplay and historical demonstrations of the Gutenberg press shows that, in fact, we do give a shit about history and, um, European stuff. Plus, turkey legs. I did mention the... More >>>