It's Friday night. The Cavern is packed for the Fresh party that happens once a month. The room seems oddly bright for 11 p.m. on a party night, illuminating the flushed, pleased faces that float just above a layer of gauzy ciggy smoke. You can see all this from the door, and if you crane your neck inside, you can see the small stage packed with a band led by a female singer. At first, it's not the kind of band you'd think would be any good; their bearing indicates the group is one of those generic Portishead wannabes. But as they ease into a new song, it's clear they've got something. Though a little raw, they shine up the ol' wispy-voiced British electro-jazz pop that's been tarnished over the years by over-sincerity and people who mistake aura for hooks. This group, called M'Giddo, is not too original—though they have their moments—but... More >>>