It's a tragic historical irony that the spiritual descendants of some of the world's greatest artists have devolved into so many dullards who'd rather boycott, ban or burn an objectionable artwork than try to understand it. How could this faith that inspired such beautiful creative expression in its early followers become an excuse for the closed-minded to ban creations they don't comprehend? It's incomprehensible that Michelangelo, sculptor of the Western art world's most famous naked man, and the yokels who censored a Pilot Point gallery's mural depicting Eve in her pre-Fall nudity are followers of the same faith. The newest Kimbell exhibit displays artworks from the days long before mainstream Christian leadership morphed into the morality militia. It includes artifacts from the Vatican, the British Museum and the Louvre, among other international institutions, to tell the story of Christianity's earliest surviving artworks. Many displayed pieces have never... More >>>