Artist Kehinde Wiley's paintings mix the vastly different aesthetics of formal European portraiture and urban hip-hop, resulting in the type of colorful mash-up images you might see on the cover of say, an Outkast record. Spoofing such classic images as David's "Napoleon Leading the Army over the Alps" and Géricault's "Officer of the Hussars"—or as we like to call them, paintings of old, fancy pants dead dudes—Wiley's works show young black men from the inner city clad in baggy pants (paging Dwaine Caraway) astride mighty steeds, with swords, arrows and batons standing in for guns, switchblades and brass knuckles. Presented in ornate gold frames, they'll surely stand out on the walls of the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, 3200 Darnell St., where the paintings hang... More >>>