[The scene opens on a post-collegiate girls' slumber party. The ladies are painting their nails and joking about the most embarrassing things their fathers ever did.] "One time my high school girlfriends were over and my dad walked out to the kitchen in his underwear!" "Oh my goodness! Hee hee hee!" "Wait, wait. One time my dad was driving me and my friends to school and he totally farted! It was really loud!" "Eeeeeeew! Hee hee hee, cackle, cackle." "How about you Jenna?!" "Um, well...one time my dad dragged the country into an unjust war that lasted longer than World War II and cost us thousands of American lives. He also trampled on the civil liberties of his fellow American citizens and advocated the torture of prisoners, all while supporting borrow-and-spend economic policies that drove the economy into a devastating recession." "Oh." [And...end scene.] No matter how much money and power her family might have, you've got to feel a teensy, weensy little bit sorry for Jenna Bush. Thankfully, she's taken her punches fairly gracefully, spending her post-collegiate years teaching English and writing a children's book with her mother that will surely rocket to the top of her father's admittedly short list... More >>>