Pardon, if you will, but the bliss is almost too much to bear—and that's before the needle greets the record. (Ah, yes, right: "needle" and "record." Children, do ask your grandparents.) Costello—still ignoring the expiration date stamped "1986," the date of his most, ahem, recent must-own—has finally rushed to market two discs of unfortunately titled gatefold black vinyl here, into the grooves of which he's imparted a groove. This is especially true of the first track on Side Two of the two-fer: the slinky "Harry Worth," featuring the coos and ahhhs of Rilo Kiley's Jenny Lewis and other special guests, over which E.C. reminds, "It's not very far from tears to mirth/It's not many moments that will capture your breath."... More >>>