Dallas Observer's Street Team

  • Amber Clanton

    Memphis, TN

    I love dancing, cooking and trying new restaurants in the metroplex!

    I absolutely love Michael Jackson, Usher, Beyonce and Britney Spears!

    Definitely Beyonce. I have always been curious to hear about her personal perspective on life and how she became the icon she is today.

  • Brandon McDowell

    Grand Prairie, TX

    Music, basketball, football & watching reality TV

    Drake, Toni Braxton & countless others

    President Barack Obama

  • Camille Bowens

    Dallas, TX

    Playing with my fur-baby, kickboxing, and eating my way through the city of Dallas

    OneRepublic, Miguel, and Kim Cesarion

    My Great-Granfather

  • Casey Rankin

    Bedford, TX

    Graphic design, live music, reading about psychology, and petting all the dogs


    My mom

  • Christina Green

    Dallas, TX

    Mexican Food, Musicals, and Online Shopping

    Idina Menzel, Adele, and Drake

    Andy Warhol

  • Colby Richardson

    Dallas, TX

    My Blog (youpeoplereviews.com), Real Estate, and Spending time with family

    Lil Wayne

    Dr. Michael Eric Dyson

  • Hayden Bernstein


    Dallas, TX

    Live music, NBA basketball (MFFL), Writing letters

    Shakey Graves

    Frank Underwood

  • Katherine Parker

    Waco, TX

    Experiencing new things/places, Netflix, Running, and Bike riding.

    Kid Cudi, Coldplay, CCR, The Avett Brothers

    Will Ferrell

  • Kenneth Minkah

    Dallas, TX

    Fitness,sports, and music.I like to play recreational basketball as well as play the game with my friends

    My favorite artist to date is Future and Kanye West

    Lebron James

  • Lizzie Wilson

    Wellesley, MA

    Attending concerts, discovering new music, playing Muggle Quidditch, playing guitar

    Twenty One Pilots

    Tina Fey

  • Patricia Arreguin


    Grand Prairie, TX

    Watching sports, going to shows, and reading books and comics.

    Interpol, FKA Twigs, and Kendrick Lamar

    Frida Kahlo


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