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    April 17, 2014

    Asylum Insanity

    Welcome to the land of the free. While we decide whether we feel like deporting you, we've got a cold dank cell that'll suit you just fine.

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    June 19, 2013

    As Drone Journalism Takes Off, UT-Arlington Researchers Offer a Glimpse of the Future

    Two years ago, after their cameras were denied entry to a secretive government immigration camps on Christmas Island, the Australian version of 60 Minutes piloted a small, unmanned aircraft above the island detention center. A few months later, activists in Poland dispatched a drone to document the ... More >>

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    February 21, 2013

    Style By the Spoonful

    John Tesar's newest project is potentially a North Dallas pearl

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    October 22, 2012

    Talking Cold Facts With Lost and Found Detroit Folk Singer Rodriguez

    Tonight at House of Blues, the enigmatic Rodriguez takes the stage. The Detroit folk musician, also known as Sixto Diaz Rodriguez, released two albums to little acclaim in the late '60s and early '70s, and quickly faded into obscurity. Meanwhile, half a world away, those albums -- Cold Fact and Comi ... More >>

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    October 9, 2012

    Is Plano-based Telecom Giant Huawei China's Trojan Horse For Cyber Sleuthing and Warfare?

    If you haven't seen the most recent 60 Minutes piece on the potential threat to U.S. telecommunications infrastructure posed by Plano-based Chinese telecom titan Huawei, watch it. If you have, the U.S. House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence released the results of its investigation Monday, ... More >>

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    February 13, 2012

    The Best and Worst Performances of Last Night's Grammys

    Five Best Performances 1. Jennifer Hudson Grammy host L.L. Cool J had a hard enough job presiding over a celebration undercut by tragic circumstances, and he achieved a perfect, almost pastor-like tone from the get-go. But Miss Hudson's musical tribute to Whitney Houston - a subtly searing but stil ... More >>

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    February 7, 2012

    Why Those Black Truffles You're Eating Don't Taste Like Truffles at All

    FlickrBlack truffles don't really work like this, as I recently learned.​I remember my first encounter with truffles vividly, probably because it was a simultaneously euphoric and traumatic experience. I was on a date at Al Tiramisu, a basement Italian restaurant in Washington, D.C., which I p ... More >>

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    July 15, 2011

    At Arlington City Hall, Locals Hammer TCEQ Panel for Stricter Gas Drilling Regulations

    Photos by Leslie MinoraA panel of TCEQ reps maintained their poker faces for about two hours as citizens took the mic, almost all demanding tighter fracking regulations.​Shortly after the release of that Fort Worth air study, three reps from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality took a ... More >>

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    May 20, 2011

    Whitt's End: 5.20.11

    ​ Whether you've reached the end of your rope or merely the end of your week, welcome to Whitt's End: *Mavs got outplayed last night, plain and simple. The Rangers' loss to the Royals was more painful. Texas was one pitch from winning until .230-hitting Mike Aviles capped a gutsy 11-pitch at ... More >>

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    May 5, 2011
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    December 13, 2010

    Jerry Jones and the "Season From Hell"

    In case you missed it, here's the entirety of last night's 60 Minutes segment about the Dallas Cowboys' owner and general manager. The takeaway: Jerry Jones thinks he's "smarter" now as GM than he was when he bought the team. Oh, really? Really. On the other side, a bonus "overtime" piece in which J ... More >>

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    December 13, 2010

    Jerry Jones: 60 Minutes of Sympathy

    ​I know he takes a lot of shit and he deserves most of it. But the one thing you can't deny is the passion of Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. It was on full display again during Sunday night's 60 Minutes story on CBS. At one point Jones' eyes were watering as he talked of being motivated - ... More >>

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    December 10, 2010

    Inside the Huddle: Jerry Jones on 60 Minutes and Gary Cartwright on Dandy Don Meredith

    Ex-Channel 5-and-8'er Scott Pelley has, from the looks of it, been in and out of town this year working on his Jerry Jones profile airing Sunday on 60 Minutes. The sneak peek above provided by CBS offers a good look at the "agony" of defeat (after defeat after defeat) endured by Jones, who acknowled ... More >>

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    September 2, 2010
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    August 20, 2009

    Finally, the Story of the Wrongly Convicted Joyce Ann Brown Set to Become a Feature Film

    ​At long last -- which is to say, close to 20 years since Joyce Ann Brown was freed from prison for a robbery and murder she did not commit -- the South Dallas woman's story will become a movie. So reports The Hollywood Reporter, which makes special note of the announced film as it marks the featu ... More >>

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    April 27, 2009

    Craig Watkins Is Ready for His Close-Up

    I winced when asked to screen an advance copy of Dallas DNA, Investigation Discovery's new six-part series that adds to the growing legend that is Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins. It took Henry Wade decades in office to achieve legendary notoriety, but with the global media fawning ove ... More >>

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    February 8, 2009

    Alex Rodriguez Wasn't Even "Tempted" to Juice. Except, This One Time, at Band Camp ...

    In light of yesterday's revelations that Alex Rodriguez was juicing during his MVP tenure with Your Texas Rangers, a Friend of Unfair Park remind us of A-Roid's appearance on 60 Minutes at the end of '07, when he repeatedly told Katie Couric he'd never enhanced. Below, one video highlight among many ... More >>

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    January 21, 2009

    Dallas by Design: If You Can Only Attend One City Council Briefing All Year, Make It Today's

    This morning's Dallas City Council briefing should be more interesting than most -- thing's almost like a meeting of a book club where the topic is urban design and development, which is perhaps why the council's moving out of City Hall and across the street to the J. Erik Jonsson Central Library's ... More >>

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    May 16, 2008

    After 27 Years in Prison, James Lee Woodard's "Adventure" Continues

    CNN James Lee Woodard, getting a driver's license after 27 years in prison Speaking of local news stories getting national attention this a.m., CNN follows in 60 Minutes' footsteps with a story about James Lee Woodard, who was released from prison on April 29 after serving 27 years for a murder he ... More >>

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    May 5, 2008

    60 Minutes on the Justice -- and Injustices -- of Dallas County

    For those who missed last night's 60 Minutes -- about how Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins and the Innocence Project are taking on "the Wade legacy," in the words of Scott Pelley -- the entire 12-minute segment is after the jump. Among the reasons the story is especially extraordinary: ... More >>

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    May 2, 2008

    James Lee Woodard to 60 Minutes: Hope Is "All A Man Has"

    As noted yesterday, 60 Minutes on Sunday will profile Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins -- specifically, his office's partnering with the Innocence Project to free prisoners using DNA evidence. Moments ago, CBS News posted a sneak peek at this weekend's episode: The video clip below is f ... More >>

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    May 1, 2008

    Craig Watkins Gets His 60 Minutes of Fame This Sunday

    Just yesterday, during our weekly staff meeting at Unfair Park HQ, we were wondering when 60 Minutes was going to run its profile of Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins. Turns out, you can set your DVR to this very Sunday, when former KXAS and WFAA reporter Scott Pelley offers up a story t ... More >>

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    November 8, 2007

    The Upside of Lions for Lambs

    The odd upside of Robert Redford's terribly earnest, quite terrible war drama

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    November 1, 2007

    Li'l Pollock? Nah, My Kid Could Paint That

    Sure, your kid could paint that. So, hang it on the fridge

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    May 22, 2007

    Local TV Journalism Isn't Totally Dead...

    Because Byron Harris needed more encouragement... With KTVT-Channel 11 giving into the Dark Side of the Force and KXAS-Channel 5 peddling fear and face creams, yeah, it's easy to write off local TV news as the Brockmans leading the Burgundys down the primrose path. But all is not lost: Thirty minute ... More >>

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    February 9, 2007
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    February 5, 2007
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    May 11, 2006

    "You Will Be Shot Dead."

    Sunday night's 60 Minutes will feature a piece on the Dixie Chicks, whose new album Taking the Long Way will be released May 23 (and reviewed in the Observer next Wednesday). The Chicks talk to Steve Kroft about the threats the band received after singer Natalie Maines shouted her infamous Bush-bash ... More >>

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    May 8, 2006
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    January 19, 2006

    The Gatekeeper

    Mary Mapes tells us a story

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    November 10, 2005


    Before you judge former CBS-TV producer Mary Mapes, take a walk in her shoes

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    May 12, 2005
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    September 30, 2004

    Poke in the Eye

    Plus: Legal Warrior; Turncoats

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    September 23, 2004

    Paper Trail

    Plus: Old Hand; When Fanboys Dream

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    February 26, 2004

    The Mommy Card

    Kids T-shirts make a statement

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    October 16, 2003
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    August 14, 2003

    Habitat for Inhumanity

    The "asylums" depicted in The Magdalene Sisters are insane

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    October 31, 2002

    What a Boob

    Andy Rooney says female sideline reporters are no good. Well, they're OK by me!

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    November 15, 2001

    The Way of the Gun

    The untold story of why Lenell Geter was freed

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    March 15, 2001

    The A-Team

    Love it when a plan comes together? Not so fast. Sure, they've got A-Rod and I-Rod, but what about Rusty Greer hitting leadoff, Tim Crabtree closing, and Johnny Oates acting human? John Gonzalez goes to Texas Rangers spring training to look for answers.

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    March 30, 2000


    Eyes wide shut; Vigilante justice; Long live the queen; And more

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    January 14, 1999

    The black eye

    Kara Walker's silhouettes would piss off Malcolm X -- or would they?

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    December 3, 1998
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    November 26, 1998

    Getting to the heart

    Pappas Brothers is belly-full of old-fashioned decadence

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    October 8, 1998
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    September 11, 1997

    Noshing around the world

    Barcelona Tapas Bar offers eclectic, if mediocre, grazing

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    September 4, 1997

    Real cuisine--or gator bait?

    Blue Conch brings Florida fare to Dallas

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    September 12, 1996


    The great mystery of Perot's 1992 presidential bid was his sudden decision to quit the race. Biographer Gerald Posner found that Perot was a victim of a shadowy soldier of fortune-- and his own delusions.

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    February 15, 1996

    Surplus labor

    The fashion for corporate downsizing cuts into the economy in many ways

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    October 19, 1995

    Stolen thunder

    Morales anoints himself hero

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