Cathy Moriarty

  • Film

    August 10, 2000

    Don't Cheer, Don't Tell

    Homosexual "reparative therapy" gets a mild drubbing in But I'm a Cheerleader

  • Film

    October 21, 1999

    Twice the insanity

    Crazy in Alabama is two movies in one, and both are knockoffs

  • Film

    August 14, 1997

    Shoot the sheriff

    Stallone seeks, but doesn't find, redemption in Cop Land

  • Film

    July 17, 1997

    Hooked on dying

    Dream With the Fishes is a smart swim through classic '70s films

  • Film

    May 18, 1995

    Billy, clubbing

    Crystal's latest directorial outing, Forget Paris, applauds itself too often