Chuck Barris

  • Film

    September 25, 2008


    Palahniuk adaptation needs the Heimlich

  • Film

    November 9, 2006

    Anchor, Man?

    Ferrell doesn't quite ground this artificially whimsical comedy

  • Calendar

    June 30, 2005

    Your Friends & Neighbors

    Will Clarke's Lord Vishnu's Love Handles goes familiar places

  • Culture

    March 18, 2004

    The Mind's Why

    Charlie Kaufman exists. He really does. Ask him.

  • Calendar

    September 11, 2003

    Fall Away

    Meadows opens a somber season

  • Film

    September 11, 2003

    Con Heir

    In Matchstick Men, a father meets daughter and sets a paper moon ablaze

  • Film

    January 30, 2003

    Twisted Logic

    The Recruit is full of surprises--too many, in fact

  • Film

    January 23, 2003

    Mind Games

    George Clooney impressively toys with the twisted delusions of a game-show producer