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    October 17, 2007

    Former Observer Writer Knocks Out His Second Book

    Former Dallas Observer writer and pin-up Adam Pitluk Since leaving the Dallas Observer a few years back, former staff writer Adam Pitluk has graduated from the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism, turned one of the articles he wrote here into a book, been the features editor for Boys’ Life maga ... More >>

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    August 21, 2007

    Logrolling In Our Time

    A former professor of mine at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, Stephen Fried, has just released his fourth book, and while it has nothing to do specifically with Dallas, it’s a great read for any married man -- or any married woman. Fried, who is best known for his investigat ... More >>

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    November 22, 2001

    Middle of the Pack

    A new survey confirms Channel 8 is slipping in the standings that count

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    July 6, 2000

    His good name

    Former FBI honcho Oliver "Buck" Revell fights against conspiracy buffs who accuse him of mass murder

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    April 23, 1998
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    May 18, 1995