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    December 2, 2010
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    February 8, 2008

    Q&A: Steve Poltz Says Jewel is Hot and Austin is Stupid

    Steve Poltz is a Canadian-born singer-songwriter currently based in San Diego. Perhaps best know for co-writing “You Were Meant for Me,” the No. 1 hit for Jewel (and having a brief fling with her), Poltz’s songs are filled with satirical lyrics and simple melodies that often endear themselves ... More >>

  • Culture

    May 29, 2003

    Dem Blues

    The left, turning right, was plain wrong to attack pop culture

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    January 16, 2003

    War On War

    Steve Earle wonders what's so funny 'bout peace, love and understanding

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    March 14, 2002

    Launch Ramp

    Five years later, Ben Kweller is taking off on his own.

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    February 24, 2000

    Pat's the rub

    The Smithereens' Pat DiNizio is playing in a living room near you

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    May 13, 1999

    Free Radish

    Mercury Records will be making a huge mistake if it doesn't release Sha Sha

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    February 11, 1999

    Major Mistakes

    Signing to a record label can be bad for a band's health. So why do they keep doing it?

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    April 30, 1998
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    March 19, 1998

    The Butcher and the baby

    Radish's Ben Kwellar needs a rock and roll mentor, and a guy named Joe is just the man for the job

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    June 20, 1996


    Radish comes out of nowhere to grab at the gold ring

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    July 6, 1995

    Fight the power

    Reprise Records president defends the rights of his artists against the Right and the wrong