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    April 26, 2012

    Some Thoughts On The "Digital Resurrection" of Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes

    News came this week that TLC plans on touring again. Yes, even the "L." In our post-Coachella hologram world, Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes will be joining the tour through use of video projections, announced exactly ten years after her death in 2002. Cue heavy, sad, sigh. I remember MTV News sharing the ... More >>

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    July 11, 2002

    Slow Love

    Christina Ricci finds a way to warm her wickedly funny cold heart in Pumpkin

  • Film

    April 11, 2002

    Bottom of the Barrel

    New Best Friend is so bad you'll wish you were in a coma

  • Film

    October 8, 1998

    Fatal detraction

    Adrian Lyne's Lolita takes the high-minded low road

  • Film

    June 26, 1997

    Twin towers

    Travolta and Cage reveal Face/Off is more than skin-deep