Doyle Bramhall

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    November 26, 2014

    Crown & Harp's Owners Have Seen a Lifetime of Changes in 18 Years on Lower Greenville

    If you spend much time at Crown & Harp these days, chances are you tend to associate the place with Moody Fuqua. He's there pretty well every night, and while his job is technically general manager and talent buyer, you can often catch him slinging drinks behind the bar. Over the past couple years, ... More >>

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    June 19, 2013

    The 10 Greatest Dallas Blues Artists

    The Lone Star State has long produced some of the greatest blues legends to ever pick up a guitar or stand behind a microphone. Legends like Albert Collins from Leona, Sam "Lightnin'" Hopkins from Centerville and Johnny Winter from Beaumont all have found the blues in Texas. Hell, we even have a Gra ... More >>

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    November 23, 2011

    What Are You Thankful For?

    Sitting around the house waiting for Turkey Day to roll around got me to thinking about all the things I'm thankful for. Of course, I'm lucky to have my family and friends and, these days, I am very thankful to have a job. But musically speaking, the Dallas scene has provided many a band, show and ... More >>

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    November 13, 2011

    When You've Lost Someone You Love: Doyle Brahmhall Has Died at the Age of 62

    Garage HangoverDoyle Bramhall in 1967, as one of the Chessmen​Thirteen days from now, Doyle Bramhall was to return to the Granada, scene of this performance in 2007. But that show will not take place: The Dallas-born singer-songwriter and drummer -- a former Chessman with Jimmie Vaughan, a frequen ... More >>

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    October 12, 2011

    The Polyphonic Spree's Holiday Extravaganza, St. Vincent In-Store at Good Records and More

    ​Sure, most people wait until Thanksgiving to pull out the Christmas tree. But not The Polyphonic Spree. Tim DeLaughter's giant band has announced its ninth Holiday Extravaganza show. The show, which will feature The Spree along with a few other acts (including We're Not Dudes and Syncopated Ladie ... More >>

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    November 16, 2010

    Local Music 'Mericans: Kim Keebler

    Welcome to Local Music'Mericans, where we'll be meeting some people behind the local music scene who aren't musicians, but more behind-the-scenes folk. Kim Keebler​Kim Keebler was raised in Deep Ellum as a young pup. Her first concert was there: The Dead Kennedys, back in the mid '80s.She bought h ... More >>

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    March 4, 2010

    Doyle Bramhall, Bugs Henderson

    Saturday, March 6,at the Granada Theater

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    January 13, 2010

    Show Announcements: George Clinton's Mothership To Connect With House Of Blues April 22, More

    George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic at the Granada Theater in 2006.​Don't burn your entire stash on 4/20, because just two days later George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic will touch down at House of Blues in Dallas.Bandleader Clinton, as if you needed an introduction, is a true legend of ... More >>

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    December 30, 2009

    Show Announcements: Ying Yang Twins To Skeet Skeet On Trees Feb. 27

    ​Not a lot of news this week in the way of concert announcements, but there is some interesting news from Trees: Ying Yang Twins will whisper in your ear Saturday, February 27. The Twins' club-friendly crunk beats and sexed-up rhymes aren't exactly the brainiest example of hip hop, but it's nice t ... More >>

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    May 22, 2008

    Charlie Sexton

    Friday, May 23, at Bend Studio

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    January 31, 2008

    Q&A: Blues and Rock Guitarist Rocky Athas

    Rocky Athas with the Lightning Strikes.Rocky Athas has been playing the blues for almost 40 years. The Oak Cliff native grew up with another legendary string bender, Stevie Ray Vaughn. Athas’ band, Lightning Strikes, was an area blues/rock mainstay and Athas recently re-cut their debut for a Europ ... More >>

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    May 24, 2007

    For the Rest of Us

    A field guide to the hippest music festivals of the summer

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    February 8, 2007

    South by So What? We Kid. We Kid. Here, Then, The Locals Making the Trip.

    It wouldn't be South by Southwest without a heroic performance from our favorite local soul legend, Bobby Patterson. So, we've been trolling the SXSW Music site for the locals that made the cut. Until today we'd only heard tale of Hogpig and The Theater Fire, since, well, there'd been no official li ... More >>

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    August 10, 2006

    Doyle Bramhall, Bugs Henderson

    Friday, August 11, at the Granada Theater

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    May 19, 2005
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    November 27, 2003

    Me'Shell Ndegeocello

    Comfort Woman (Maverick)

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    August 13, 1998

    Not fade away

    Two garage-rock compilations raise The Esquires, Irving's psychedelic-rock greats, from the dead

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    July 9, 1998

    The mind's ear

    Jimmie Vaughan is two albums into a solo career he didn't necessarily want

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    July 2, 1998

    Little boy blues

    Andrew Baxter Jr. may be a mere child, but the 11-year-old guitarist is no novelty

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    January 8, 1998

    Blues in '97

    What's tops in Texas (and elsewhere)

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    October 30, 1997

    Hassle class

    Roadcrew tries to ease the rigors of playing live

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    September 4, 1997

    Austin's loss

    A new CD and a move to L.A. herald a career boost for Denny Freeman

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    August 14, 1997

    Extrapolating rhythm and blues

    Cajun monarch Marcia Ball spreads her wings

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    July 17, 1997

    Come together

    Josh Alan pleads for peace, unity, and maybe some album sales

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    June 26, 1997

    Classical gas

    Paul Slavens goes from Freak Show to trio to solo

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    March 27, 1997

    Come on feel the Noyze

    Local group gets a gospel sound that's contemporary yet sanctified

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    August 22, 1996

    Gotta go sometime

    The Grown-Ups call it quits, kind of

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    June 27, 1996

    Electric blue

    Jim Suhler talks about life and the local bluesman

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    May 30, 1996
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    March 28, 1996

    The beautiful loser

    Keith Ferguson keeps a loose grip on Fabulous past

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    February 1, 1996

    Surf and turf

    Austin's Teisco Del Rey resurrects the lost art of the twang

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    February 2, 1995

    Case dismissed

    Judge tells the Nightcaps that ZZ Top aren't "copycats"