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    July 25, 2014

    How Texas' New Abortion Restrictions Have Actually Impacted Access to the Procedure

    The number of abortions being performed in Texas has dropped moderately, clinics offering abortions are vanishing rapidly and women seeking abortions must travel much farther to get an abortion, according to almost 18 months of data compiled by researchers looking at the effects of Texas' passage of ... More >>

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    January 17, 2014

    The Feds Are Cracking Down on a Mansfield Woman's Do-It-Yourself Botox Business

    There was a brief time, not all that long ago, when was the Internet's go-to place for gray market botulinum toxin, that Mansfield's Laurie D'Alleva could call herself the Botox Queen. Then, Wired stumbled upon her site -- and the how-to videos featuring D'Alleva injecting the pr ... More >>

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    January 2, 2014
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    November 7, 2013
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    August 15, 2013

    Texas Put Carnival Barker's Out of the Ice Cream Business, But They're Almost Back In

    You can do a thing the right way or you can take the easy way out. In an age of endless upgrades toward increasing convenience, enhanced speed, and shorter routes to profit, staying true to your ideals will be tested. Aaron Barker and Sarah Miller, the fecund minds and busy hands behind the deliciou ... More >>

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    June 20, 2013

    Who's Left Behind When a Soldier Commits Suicide?

    Becca Morrison's husband came home from Iraq and killed himself. She's "still here, and still fighting."

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    September 27, 2012
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    July 29, 2010

    Mayor Tom, Caraway and DPD Chief Brown Want Dallas to Ban the Sale of Fake Dope

    ‚ÄčLate this evening I was poking around the City Secretary's site to sneak-peek the council's doings upon its return to work Monday. At which point I noticed that when the Public Safety Committee reconvenes at noon, City Attorney Tom Perkins and Dallas Police Deputy Chief Patricia Paulhill will bri ... More >>

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    June 11, 2009

    Eyesight to the Nearly Blind

    Megan FeldmanDr. Jeffrey Whitman performs a rare eye surgery on Adam Williamson, paralyzed in a 2006 dirt-bike accident.Not many people relish having to wear contacts or glasses, but for Adam Williamson, poor eyesight was more than a headache. The 25-year-old from Garland was paralyzed in a dirt bik ... More >>

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    February 3, 2009

    AFI Dallas Announces Its First 15 Films

    The AFI Dallas International Film Festival just released its first list of films selected for this year's shindig, which runs March 26 through April 2 -- with, as noted last month, most of the screenings taking place at the AMC NorthPark. Among the offerings are three world-premiere docs, a Zooey De ... More >>

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    August 14, 2008

    Fighting Fire With Fire

    Does an unproven treatment that combats drug addiction with drugs promise more than it can deliver?

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    October 8, 2007

    A Month Later, Carter Albrecht's Chantix Use Is Now a National Cautionary Tale

    Every day, at least one person posts a comment to our first item about Chantix, the smoking-cessation drug that is being blamed, at least partially, for Carter Albrecht's violent behavior on the morning of September 3. Since Albrecht's band mate and house mate Danny Balis first mentioned the drug, t ... More >>

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    February 24, 2005

    BBQ Sauce for the Soul

    When he's not catering for the president, barbecue maven Eddie Deen caters to the spirits of the indigent

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    August 19, 2004

    I Hate It

    This Spike Lee joint is a cockeyed, self-righteous and graceless diatribe

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    April 8, 2004

    Sex Toy Story

    You can't buy a vibrator in Burleson, but there are plenty of dildos

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    March 25, 2004


    Even former Mr. America Mike Scarcella wasn't strong enough to beat the horrors of GHB addiction

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    November 13, 2003

    Cocktail Hours

    The latest AIDS medications give life to the dying--but what kind of life?

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    December 5, 2002

    Green Giant

    Nobel laureate Norman Borlaug is credited with saving the lives of 1 billion people. So why is a small cadre of activists bent on tarnishing his legacy?

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    November 23, 2000

    High Spoons

    Bare breasts, a bowl of red, and bad blood among the chili brethren in the Big Bend. Texas doesn't get any better.

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    January 14, 1999

    Courthouse bully

    Legal assistant Jim Carrao works the dark corners of the justice system. He serves papers, does background checks, files annoying cases--and knows just enough law to be dangerous.

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    August 20, 1998

    Blood sucker

    This vampire killer, despite its pedigree, never comes to life

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    January 1, 1998

    Paper chase

    William Morgan says he's just an innocent document dealer snared in a campaign finance scandal. And if you believe that, he has some old railroad bonds he wants to sell you.

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    June 27, 1996

    Hot Product

    World-class embezzler Gary Lewellyn rebounds with a fast-selling treatment for A.D.D.

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    April 18, 1996

    Epidemic of hope

    A new family of drugs may offer AIDS patients a new lease on life

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    February 22, 1996
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    July 6, 1995


    Ray Audette hunts with a hawk and eats like a caveman. He says his meaty diet stopped his hair from falling out, cured his diabetes--and will make you healthy too

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    December 8, 1994

    Aborted cause

    Ivan Reitman's Junior ruins many stellar comic opportunities