Gary Hall

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    January 31, 2002

    The Christmas Coronation

    These candidates don't need your vote; they have each other

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    April 9, 1998


    Former Internet America exec Robert Maynard must pay $75,000 to the man he accused of stalking his family

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    March 19, 1998

    Rambo Justice

    Are bad-boy lawyers Bill Brewer and John Bickel building a bridge to Dallas' minority communities, or trying to sell them one?

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    April 25, 1996

    Dallas' lawyer joke

    A legal comedy of errors led to a $5 million tragedy for the city

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    September 14, 1995

    Attack of the Killer Gadflies (Part I)

    You don't take Rick Finlan and Don Venable seriously? That could be a mistake you live to regret.