George Segal

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    October 5, 2011

    Cityplace "Superblock" Now Being Decorated With Three Giant Pieces of Public Art

    ‚ÄčA Friend of Unfair Park asked this morning: "What's going on over at Cityplace? Looks like they're sinking a giant drill bit." Funny he should ask: Moments ago we got word that today's doings are related to the installation of three pieces of public art that begin at 7:30 this morning. Says the r ... More >>

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    February 12, 2009

    Art Cast

    The Nasher discusses Segal's techniques

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    January 22, 2009
  • Film

    December 22, 2005

    Backhanded Slapstick

    Jim Carrey's brand of fun warms a reheated Dick and Jane

  • Culture

    December 1, 2005

    Pirates of Conspiracy

    The artists of Oh6 turn assassination into comic revelry

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    September 13, 2001

    Book of Martyrs

    Sharon Kopriva transcends the usual mediocre fare of American religious art

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    June 21, 2001

    Speed Racer

    Dude. The Fast and the Furious sports sick cars and a badass Racer X. Sweet.

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    May 3, 2001

    Less than a Feeling

    Emotion gets cast away in the work of the late sculptor George Segal

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    September 30, 1999

    Lofty pursuit

    The man confronting you in the lobby of your apartment building just may be an artist

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    January 2, 1997

    Independents' day

    Small films have their big night in '96

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    November 21, 1996

    Secondhand Rose

    Streisand's fun-house Mirror warps her strengths into rare weaknesses

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    April 4, 1996

    New baby blues

    David O. Russell explores family fears through a screwball prism in Flirting With Disaster

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    February 9, 1995

    Joe Bob Briggs

    Drive-In Movie Critic of Grapevine, TX