Internet America Inc.

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    January 8, 2004

    Funny Boy

    Life is coming up cow patties for kid comedian Corbin Corona

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    June 28, 2001

    Goodbye Kitty

    CueCat was a little like a mule with a spinning wheel--so says Dallas' own Lyle Lanley

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    April 9, 1998


    Former Internet America exec Robert Maynard must pay $75,000 to the man he accused of stalking his family

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    November 20, 1997
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    November 21, 1996


    Kevin Massey is no 'cyberstalker.' But when he tangled with another bullheaded loudmouth on the Internet, their 'flame' war spawned a great publicity stunt.

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    April 4, 1996

    Wish Woman

    She hasn't got money or connections. But straight-shooting Linda Terrell is helping dying grownups live their dreams.

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    May 25, 1995