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    November 14, 2013

    DFW's Five Weirdest Barbecue Joints

    In honor of Sunday's sold-out Meat Fight, we're celebrating smoked animal flesh all week long in our inaugural Meat Week, in which we celebrate the procuring, cooking and face-stuffing of dead-animal flesh. One of the things that makes barbecue places great is that some of them are just so strange. ... More >>

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    November 12, 2013

    Texas Barbecue Made Me (Sort Of) American

    In honor of Sunday's sold-out Meat Fight, we're celebrating smoked animal flesh all week long in our inaugural Meat Week, in which we celebrate the procuring, cooking and face-stuffing of dead-animal flesh. When I first came to America I was a man adrift. Sure, I had a family I loved, but we lived, ... More >>

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    September 19, 2013

    Haute Bar Food Is Getting Hot

    But only when the chefs in charge deliver what their menus promise.

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    September 16, 2013

    Carjackers Stole a Homeless Man's Suburban/Makeshift Bedroom at Gunpoint, Police Say

    Saturday was a banner night for carjackings in Dallas. The one in which the thief drove off with a 14-year-old girl sleeping in the backseat got the most attention, but there were several. At 1 a.m., a man was attacked by a group of men who took his Cadillac Escalade, holding him hostage for two hou ... More >>

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    September 6, 2013

    Balcones Whisky Wins More Awards -- Probably Needs a New Shelf

    You all need to make haste to acquire a bottle of Balcones whisky out of Waco. Then, toast to founder Chip Tate for and making us all so proud with his exquisite whisky-making skills. See Also: -- Tasting Balcones Texas Single Malt Whiskey -- Texans Make Scotch Whiskey Better Than the Scots Do S ... More >>

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    July 11, 2013
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    May 17, 2013

    Man, I Used to Really Love Dave Matthews Band

    In September 2000, a few days before Dave Matthews Band played with Bela Fleck and the Flecktones at Coca-Cola Starplex, I got into a car accident turning onto Inwood Road from Walnut Hill. My '99 Explorer was crunched, and the woman I hit injured her arm. I sat on the curb, waiting for my parents ... More >>

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    April 19, 2013

    How To Start a Record Collection, Part III (Record Store Day Edition)

    I thought it would be a private relationship between me and my record player. Music collections, no matter what they are made of, can be so intimate they border on embarrassing. Not sure what to buy, I clicked on review after review, talking myself into and out of nearly every purchase. But the thin ... More >>

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    March 11, 2013

    New Location of Goghee To Go Closed

    When I wrote of Korean fusion in Dallas last year, I spent considerable time with Janice and Terry Song. The two couldn't seem to get a break in terms of restaurant location as their first, on Inwood Road, was plagued panhandlers who would harass their customers as they waited in line in the drive-t ... More >>

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    January 23, 2013

    It's National Pie Day! Here are Some Alternative Pie Options in Dallas

    Yes, there's pie. Lots of really really good pie. But, we want to embrace National Pie Day for every flake of crust it's worth, including doing a little math, listening to great old Dean Martin songs and arguing about the metaphor of that tiger in Life of Pi. In a culinary sense, however, we'd lik ... More >>

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    January 3, 2013
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    May 31, 2012
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    May 7, 2012

    Tomorrow Night at Iron Fork, Whiskey Cake Chef TJ Lengnick Challenges Reigning Champ Scott Romano

    Tomorrow night Dallas will gather at the Fashion Industry Gallery for the Observer's second annual Iron Fork competition. While many will focus on the food and booze sampling, the backdrop for the event is a cooking competition between former Joule chef and reigning Iron Fork Champion Scott Romano, ... More >>

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    April 5, 2012

    Dallas County Does a Three-Fer in Exonerations

    The number of convicts being freed after serving prison time for crimes they didn't commit keeps mounting in Dallas County, with Friday bringing a rare triple exoneration for three men wrongly accused of robbery. On November 17, 1994, five teenagers roamed the parking lot near the Eckerd drugstore ... More >>

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    February 9, 2012

    Tagged, City Hall. You're It!

    ​Can't say for sure how long the former fire station on Walnut Hill Lane near Marsh has looked like this, only because I haven't taken Walnut Hill to work since Monday, when it did not look like this. (I've been taking Marsh to Lemmon to Inwood to Maple, if you must know -- for tacos, delicious ta ... More >>

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    February 3, 2012

    Sore Losers & Marty B at Trees and the Rest of Your Weekend

    Colin McDermottSore Losers​This weekend is a big one for Sore Losers, who are celebrating the release of their new EP, We Are Sore Losers, at Trees on Saturday night. Joining them on the bill is Dallas Cowboy Martellus "I Love Cap N Crunch" Bennett, as well as a host of other local hip-hop acts.If ... More >>

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    February 2, 2012

    Sundown Rises, Lumi Goes Dark and More Openings and Closings from a Busy January

    January proved to be a busy month in the Dallas food scene. The highly anticipated Sundown at Granada opened its doors, along with a handful of other eateries. Read on for the full opening and closing slate, and be sure to share tips about restaurant openings or closings in the comments section be ... More >>

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    January 17, 2012

    To Discover That You Live Near Pulaski's Donuts is To Discover a Very Fine Neighbor

    ​Chances are decent you've got one down the street from you, but when was the last time you stepped into your local donut shop? The answer for me is never. So in my never-ending search for new breakfast spots, I put my local shop to the test. Probably like everyone else, it's a small space t ... More >>

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    January 13, 2012

    Opening Credits: Today's Cinematic Releases for Jan. 13

    Contraband Director: Baltasar Kormákur Writer: Aaron Guzikowski Condensed Cast: Mark Wahlberg, Kate Beckinsale, Ben Foster Mark Wahlberg stars as a former pop star/underwear model turned actor turned smuggler turned former smuggler who gets himself in deep with a drug lord to protect his brother- ... More >>

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    January 13, 2012

    The Master List: The Best Things to Do in Dallas This Weekend, January 13-15

    If there's ever a zombie attack or outbreak of some mutated virus that turns most of the population into blood-thirsty cannibals, we hope we don't survive because we're not equipped to kill the undead. Plus we've learned from movies that no one usually lasts too long. Who knows how many people will ... More >>

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    December 22, 2011

    Good Friday Thursday: Christmas Weekend Edition

    ​Hey, remember that best local hip-hop post we ran the other day? The one that mentioned A.Dd ? Well, the aforementioned duo, along with the help of DJ Sober, put out a special WADD Radio Holiday Podcast, featuring classic holiday hits, hilarious between-song banter, and they even took phone calls ... More >>

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    December 19, 2011

    Have a Soufflé in Your PJs at Rise No. 1

    FacebookRise: The land of souffles.​Food comas are an inherit part of the holidays. Gluttonous meals planned weeks in advance are devoured in less than 20 minutes, and all that's left is the amazing mess to clean up while fighting through food fog and heavy lethargy. Excited? Yeah, me too. T ... More >>

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    December 6, 2011

    Drue Mitchell Rides the Airwaves From DFW to L.A.

    Welcome to Local Music 'Mericans, where we get to know the people behind the scenes in Dallas/Fort Worth music. ​ Drue Mitchell has worked for 97.1 KEGL in promotions, as on-air jock at (old frequency) 94.5 KDGE and 89.7 KVRK, and now does television for a Christian music network in Los Angele ... More >>

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    October 26, 2011

    At Last, One Very Good Reason to Avoid Lemmon Avenue: They're Finally Repaving It

    ​Meant to mention this the last time I took Lemmon to work a few weeks back: Avoid it at all costs. But not for the usual reasons; not because it's "the road to Fallujah," as one Friend of Unfair Park called it a few months back. Well, OK, maybe it is now. But that's only because crews are out the ... More >>

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    October 6, 2011
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    September 30, 2011

    Tomorrow, the Farewell to Jerry Haynes

    ​Many Friends of Unfair Park have asked when Jerry Haynes's funeral will take place. It will be tomorrow at 3:30 p.m. at Lovers Lane United Methodist Church at Northwest Highway and Inwood. Initially, Haynes's family had considered two services -- a private one for family, and a public memorial la ... More >>

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    September 29, 2011
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    September 12, 2011

    The City's Transpo To-Do List, 2011-'12 Edition

    Click to enlarge, or go here for a much bigger version.​Speaking of those new city council committees ...This afternoon the Transportation and Environment Committee will meet for the first time since returning from summer break, and on its agenda you'll find Transportation and Environment Committe ... More >>

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    September 8, 2011
  • Calendar

    August 25, 2011
  • Calendar

    June 23, 2011
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    May 25, 2011

    New Food Truck Ain't Nothin' but a Chowhound

    ​Food trucks have been popping up all around town, from the Green House Truck, to the Good Luck Food Truck, and the ever-so-kitschy Grillenium Falcon. Now, expect to spot another four-wheeled culinary wagon cruising around Dallas, as Jack's Chowhound is set to hit the road in the next week or two. ... More >>

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    May 11, 2011

    He Never Was a Bad Boy: While Kids Are Away, NBA Great Bob Lanier Paints a Dallas School

    Leslie MinoraBob Lanier (right) works his extreme-school-makeover magic in West Dallas.​An oddly interesting scene unfolded on Inwood Road earlier today: NBA legend Bob Lanier and Key Coker, Executive Vice President of BBVA Compass Bank, chatting about banking globalization, financial diversificat ... More >>

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    April 7, 2011
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    March 10, 2011
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    January 28, 2011

    Goghee To Go Brings a Sweet (and Spicy) Promise to the Medical District

    ​Foodies were all aflutter when news broke that Goghee To Go, a Korean-Mexican fusion taquería, was opening in Dallas proper. While I was excited as well, I was disappointed by the lack of perspective. Goghee was heralded as a pioneer in the area, proving once again that only when it is conve ... More >>

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    January 11, 2011

    Hungry on DART's Green Line? Here's a Big Honkin' List That Might Help

    ​It took four years and $1.8 million to complete the longest light-rail construction project in U.S. history -- says DART -- but a little more than one month since DART's Green Line opened, it's been for all intents and purposes a success. While the full line was officially opened on December ... More >>

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    January 6, 2011

    They Done Tore Down Sue Ellen Ewing's House

    Photos courtesy Scott Dorn​Friend of Unfair Park PeterK directs our attention this morning to a just-posted Flickr set from friend of the show Scott Dorn, a photographer who has spent the last several years documenting this teardown town. Turns out, Scott got a last-minute call late last week from ... More >>

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    January 5, 2011

    What's in Store for the Taco in 2011?

    ​Having looked back at how the taco has fared in Dallas and across the country in 2010, Taco Trail now is looking toward the horizon and to what's next for our favorite food. What is clear from the beginning is that regionalism, whether Mexican state, foreign state or Lone Star State, will be ... More >>

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    January 3, 2011

    Lots of Folks Object to Blockbuster's Store Closure Plan. Like Dallas County, For Starters.

    The Blockbuster outlet at Lovers and Inwood closed shortly before the end of 2010.​As you'll recall, Blockbuster ended the year by announcing it's looking over all its leases and planning on breaking many of them, after which it'll shutter stores, dump inventory for pennies on the dollar and turn ... More >>

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    December 8, 2010

    The Burger Stampede Grows Bigger

    ​National chains are apparently racing to win over area burger eaters before In-N-Out reaches Dallas. Elevation Burger, which bills itself as the "only organic burger franchise in the U.S.," is readying to open an outlet at the Hillcrest Crossing shopping center. And, according to Business Jo ... More >>

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    December 7, 2010

    Ming's Place: Great Fried Rice in the Heart
    Of a Tex-Mex Zone

    ​A couple of weeks ago, on an otherwise familiar route home from the gym, an unfamiliar sign caught my eye. There, next to the Potbelly and Starbucks on the corner of Lemmon Avenue and Inwood Road, was a Grand Opening sign for Ming's Place China Bistro. Hmm... While I will admit that a high ... More >>

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    November 6, 2009

    Grocery Wars: Fight to Expand Simon David Moves Into City Council Chambers on Monday

    View Larger MapWe first told you about Randall's plans to expand Simon David on Inwood Road back in August, shortly before the grocer took its case to the City Plan Commission. Randall's says the 25,225 square foot store, which has been perched on the property since 1984, is just too small -- needs ... More >>

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    March 25, 1999

    Who am I this time?

    The Bistro inches through incremental evolution

  • Dining

    October 1, 1998

    Swat it!

    Dragonfly darts with a tedious buzz

  • Dining

    December 12, 1996

    Transcendent Tex-Mex

    Casa Rosa defends its turf with an exceptional take on Dallas' favorite cuisine

  • Dining

    November 21, 1996

    Adjusted expectations

    The best dishes at Deep Sushi aren't Japanese or American; they're a lucky hybrid

  • Dining

    May 9, 1996

    Taco of the town

    Tupinamba deserves its spot in Tex-Metroplex history

  • Dining

    June 15, 1995

    Chinese quackers

    Joe Chow's May Dragon serves first-rate Peking Duck in stylish surroundings

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