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    November 4, 2013

    Some of DFW's Best Venue Managers Recall Their Favorite Bygone Venues

    It's the 25th Anniversary of the DOMA. And while it's true that bands and venues come and go, many of the people behind them have been here all along. We asked a few of these long standing music veterans -- now behind the scenes at DOMA nominated venues The Kessler, The Foundry and Rubber Gloves Reh ... More >>

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    April 30, 2013

    Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios will be Non-Smoking Starting May 7

    For quite some time Dallas has maintained no-smoking laws in its bars, restaurants and music venues, forcing smokers into the elements during concerts or comedy shows; but just 40 miles away, Denton has long remained the go-to city for tabacco users because of its lenience towards smoking in bars an ... More >>

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    April 26, 2013

    Ten Adorable and Influential Pets Owned By DFW Musicians

    Pets are like family. Really, they can be better than family; They don't complain about your haircut, career goals or new girlfriend. For these 10 Dallas-Fort Worth musicians, their pets are everything: sources of inspiration, a friend when it gets lonely and most importantly, an ear to their music. ... More >>

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    February 21, 2013
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    September 11, 2012

    "No Jerks" At Macaroni Island, Denton's Newest House Venue

    After an amicable boot to the curb by his former roommate -- newly engaged Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios owner Josh Baish -- Gutterth Records' Michael Briggs found himself needing a new place to live in less than a month. A quick Facebook post is all it took before a friend suggested 2311 Houston ... More >>

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    August 30, 2012

    Free Week at Rubber Gloves

    Monday, September 3 through Saturday, September 8, at Rubber Gloves

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    May 21, 2012

    Rubber Gloves 15th Anniversary Show - 5/19/12

    Rubber Gloves 15th Anniversary Rubber Gloves Saturday, May 19 Ah, Rubber Gloves. I've been going to shows there since 2000, and it still has the most disgusting bathroom in all the land. But it's also home to some of my favorite memories, from the packed chaos of a Riverboat Gamblers show to the in ... More >>

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    May 17, 2012

    Preview: Rubber Gloves 15th Anniversary

    Saturday, May 19, at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios

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    May 16, 2012

    Rubber Gloves at 15: Four of Josh Baish's Favorite Moments

    Clubs are born to die, but in Denton, Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios remains. This Saturday marks 15 years of too much smoke, barely functional restrooms and super cheap drink specials, with performances from Slobberbone, Chris Flemmons, Dove Hunter, Pinkish Black and more. We spoke to owner Josh B ... More >>

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    December 27, 2011

    Fearless Leader: Rubber Gloves' Josh Baish

    Welcome to Local Music 'Mericans, where we get to know the people behind the scenes in Dallas/Fort Worth music. Josh Baish is the head honcho at Denton's Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios, perhaps one of the most important venues in DFW's music scene since opening in 1997. Baish owes its success to ... More >>

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    October 31, 2011

    Denton County Problems: NYE Show with Health, John Maus is 86'd as Accusations Fly

    Denton! Denton! USA!​That exciting triple-bill we announced back in September featuring Health, John Maus and Quintron & Miss Pussycat and slated to come to Denton's The Warehouse on New Year's Eve will now be a decidedly less exciting affair. Mostly because it won't be happening. The show, pr ... More >>

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    October 19, 2011

    At RGRS, James Shepherd Wears a Number of Hats -- All While Getting His Masters Degree.

    Welcome to Local Music 'Mericans, where we meet some of the people behind the local music scene -- those who aren't necessarily members of local bands, but more the people who make the scene move. James Shepherd​James Shepherd, known endearingly throughout the music scene simply as "Shep," has ... More >>

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    May 28, 2009
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    March 5, 2009
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    November 20, 2008

    Chaos Control Draws Punks of All Ages to Downtown Denton

    But can the new venue weather business without liquor sales?

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    October 30, 2008

    Denton's DIY Venues

    Informal venues are great for the town's vibe, but how do they affect larger clubs?

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    June 26, 2008

    Boris, Torche, Clouds

    Friday, June 27, at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios, Denton

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    June 26, 2008
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    April 29, 2008

    Boris Talks About Finding Josh Baish's Ear After A Gig

    Talk about an earful! Zing!!! Pitchfork's kinda been all over Japanese noise rock act Boris' new release, Smile, which is released stateside today. And Josh Baish of Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios in Denton keeps finding himself mentioned in the copy. Why? Well, the story goes like this: Baish ... More >>

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    April 2, 2008

    New Toadies (?) and Old "Incense"

    A couple of musical notes, beginning with something posted over on DC9 at Night -- two surreptitiously shot videos from someone going by the moniker TOADIESsuperfan. Seems the feller had himself a run-in with the Toadies, who, sez Kirtland Records' Tami Thomsen in the comments, are rehearsing for so ... More >>

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    January 10, 2008

    ASCAP Can Cripple Small Venues

    Denton's Rubber Gloves was told to pay up more than $8,000 to the industry giant

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    May 17, 2007

    Fry Daddies

    FSCS is a headbanger's ball

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    May 17, 2007

    Denton Calling

    Rubber Gloves has survived a decade of decadence

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    August 11, 2005

    Odds & Ends

    Rubber Gloves will soon be able to pour one out for the indie-rock homies

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    June 9, 2005

    It's a Draw

    In the Dallas music scene, who brings the biggest crowds?

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    May 12, 2005

    Odds & Ends

    Sara Radle's off to L.A.; LM5 calling it quits; Rubber Gloves gets anew look

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    November 27, 2003

    Fresh Meat

    Local music police welcome a new chief

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    November 22, 2001

    Too Much of a Good Thing

    Dan's Bar closes shop, leaving Denton with too few venues for too many bands

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    September 6, 2001

    The Waiting

    Rubber Gloves in Denton was supposed to be the ultimate indie-cool club. That was three years ago. Today, its owner is still trying to complete his dream.

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    January 4, 2001

    Everyone's a Critic

    Or at least a handful of musicians and music-industry types are, for a few brief moments

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    October 5, 2000

    Scene, Heard

    Hardly a shock

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    July 20, 2000

    Jeez, not this again

    Rubber Gloves still dry

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    June 29, 2000


    Rubber Gloves finally brings its own alcohol, and the Gypsy Tea Room tackles That Hip Hop Genre

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    September 2, 1999

    Perfect from now on

    Rubber Gloves looks for a pass to free parking

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    June 17, 1999

    Candy corn

    Or: What do cake walks, the Backstreet Boys, and Jon Cunningham have in common?

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    February 11, 1999

    Built it, and they will indie-rock

    Josh Baish and Denton fit together like a band and Rubber Gloves