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    July 25, 2011

    Dallas Country Club Sues Central Appraisal District Over "Unfair" $15-Million Valuation

    Courtesy Justin CozartThe original Dallas Country Club clubhouse as seen in the 1920s, before its demise in the '50s​Three years back Realtor Jeff Duffy wondered how in the hell could the Dallas Country Club, more than 100 acres nestled within Highland Park, be worth a mere $10 million according t ... More >>

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    October 12, 2009

    Off Track, or: Some Notes from the City Council's Downtown Streetcar Briefing

    Courtesy Justin CozartThis piece from 1945 must be what DowntownDallas's Kourtny Garrett means when she writes, "I'd say we're coming full circle."​Grudgingly, I have to say that the two Dallas City Council members who asked the best questions at today's council briefing on downtown trolleys were ... More >>

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    August 21, 2009

    John Carona, a TxDOT Director and DART Spar Over Size and Safety of DFW's HOV Lanes

    Justin Cozart​Late yesterday, the Texas Senate issued a summary of sorts of the Committee on Transportation and Homeland Security's public hearing in Arlington on Thursday, during which everything from drought to driving was on the agenda. Of course, Rosemary Miramontes's testimony, concerning he ... More >>

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    July 31, 2009

    Friday Flashback: High Above Dallas, 1958

    Courtesy Justin Cozart​We end the work week with this awfully golden oldie. Seems our photo-loving, history-having pal Justin Cozart's been digging in his grandpa's box of photos again, and this time 'round he's come up with something particularly fascinating: slides from the 1950s-era study "docu ... More >>

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    July 20, 2009

    "Very Exciting Stuff" as Dallas and Fort Worth Apply for Federal Money for Streetcars

    Courtesy Justin CozartIn 1945, Dallas city and transit officials, among them Mayor J. Woodall Rodgers, introduced "the first of twenty-five new, silent, streamlined street cars."Almost two months ago, the Dallas City Council's Transportation and Environmental Committee got a peek at the proposed ali ... More >>

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    July 2, 2009

    Going Green While Making Green? WSJ Ponders Bush Turnpike's Toll Collection.

    One day after the President George Bush Turnpike went to all-electronic toll collection, The Wall Street Journal's Environmental Capital blog takes note of one of the North Texas Tollway Authority's reasons for ditching the quarter-catchers: "Air Quality and Fuel Efficiency." As in: "Transitioning t ... More >>

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    June 30, 2009

    From 1900, a Pawn Shop on Main Street

    Courtesy Justin CozartFriend of the show Justin Cozart likes to show off his estimable collection of faded photos of late, great Dallas landmarks, always a welcome respite from the day's breaking news. But over the weekend he posted pictures of a particularly personal nature: exteriors and interiors ... More >>

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    June 5, 2009

    We Know Where Those Downtown Streetcars Might Go. But How Will We Pay For 'Em?

    Courtesy Justin CozartIn 1945, Dallas city and transit officials, among them Mayor J. Woodall Rodgers, introduced "the first of twenty-five new, silent, streamlined street cars."It's been a year since the word "streetcar" started circulating through the halls of City Hall; as Jim noted upon his retu ... More >>

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    May 26, 2009

    In Dallas, Everything Old Is New Again

    What a happy coincidence: Today over on Renegade Bus, Joan Arbery and New York-based architect and planner Hans Roegele had quite the spirited back-and-forth over the Woodall Rodgers Deck Park and whether it will turn the Arts District into a neighborhood, as Arbery insists, or whether it's just "an ... More >>

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    May 13, 2009

    Sooner Than Later, Those Round, Green Tollroad Signs Will Be Tossed Forever

    Justin CozartAbout a year ago, the North Texas Tollway Authority announced that it had chosen a new "trailblazer" design for its signs -- that's one of them at right, matter of fact, in a photo taken over the weekend by friend of the show Justin Cozart. But till Justin mentioned it in an e-mail to U ... More >>

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    April 15, 2009

    High Atop the Republic National Bank Building, the Best View of Dallas Circa 1953

    Friend of the show Justin Cozart's been digging through his grandfather's boxes of photos again and come across this mighty gem taken during the Republic Bank tower's construction in '53. And if it looks familiar, maybe it's because you're thinking of this iconic photo taken high above the Manhattan ... More >>

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    April 1, 2009

    The Ultimate Dirt Mall: Inside What Remains of the Old Belz Factory Outlet in Allen

    The Collin Central Appraisal District still lists Memphis, Tennessee-based Belz Factory Outlet Mall as the owner of some 43 acres on Shelby Road in Allen, near the intersection of State Highway 121 and U.S. 75. So too do county deed records and the county's latest tax assessment. The only one disput ... More >>

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    February 24, 2009

    Because Dallas Has Always Been New Detroit

    Been meaning to mention this for a few days, but friend of the show Justin Cozart recently grabbed a few scenes (ah, Crozier Tech) from Robocop to offer up a history of New Detroit, by which, of course, we mean Dallas circa 1986. Which reminds me: There's an even larger catalog of stills on the Dall ... More >>

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    January 21, 2009

    Dallas, Moving North Since 1945

    Justin Cozart's been busy updating the Dallas Urban History page on Flickr, and among his recent finds is this 1945 map created for the Dallas City Plan Commission (speaking, as we were earlier, of city planning). Writes Justin, it shows "areas of urbanization in the city and certain obstacles to de ... More >>

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    November 21, 2008

    A Grandfather's Stash Reveals the Dallas That Was and Might Have Been

    Courtesy Justin Cozart Yesterday, I came across a Flickr page maintained by Justin Cozart, who's been uploading in recent days photos of a Dallas that no longer exists -- as you can tell by the photo of the Baker Hotel above, taken as it was being imploded in June 1980. But not all of Cozart's pho ... More >>