Kimbell Museum

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    June 21, 2007
  • Calendar

    December 9, 2004

    Perfect Vision

    Selections from the Barrett Collection astound even the jaded

  • Calendar

    February 5, 2004

    It's Greek to You

    Pillsbury's treasure hunt

  • Culture

    January 10, 2002

    Look Back in Annoyance

    A year of capital-city pretensions and "Untitled Turkeys"

  • Culture

    December 28, 2000

    See Art. See Art Run.

    It could be that easy for Dallas to pull away from the pack

  • Culture

    September 21, 2000

    Believing the Hype

    Former Dallas artist Dan Rizzie disappears out East, then re-emerges as the real thing

  • Culture

    February 4, 1999


    The Kimbell reveals the gamesmanship between two modern geniuses that inspired their artistic legacy

  • Culture

    July 23, 1998

    Toys in the attic

    The Kimbell's tribute to Modernism makes you want to search your closets for everyday objects

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    February 26, 1998
  • News

    February 19, 1998