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    February 18, 2009

    Chewing The Fat: Wednesday Ground 'Round

    This week's Ground 'Round features some leftovers on food freshness, the latest pet pampering trend and Michael Eisner's new "porn" venture...After all our talk about stretching the life of expired foods, we're afraid to find out just how overdue those eggs are in the back of the fridge. Well, we we ... More >>

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    January 15, 2009

    The Cowboys' Crappy New Year!

    After the most disappointing season in franchise history, how can the Cowboys' resolution be the status woe?

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    October 26, 2006

    Get Screwed

    Is this any way to invite people to your meet-and-greet? Ladies and gentleman, the very classy Al Goldstein. You know what always goes great after a round of Bible Girl, even when it's guest-written? Porn. A few weeks back we mentioned that our old pal Josh Alan Friedman has penned the autobiography ... More >>

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    September 29, 2006
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    November 20, 2003

    Charlie Robison

    November 21

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    August 21, 2003

    The Twain Meet

    Waka puts a new twist on Japanese cuisine

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    August 7, 2003

    Porn Pawns

    The kings of smut escape while the feds cook up small fry like former Dallas cop Garry Ragsdale

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    September 12, 2002

    Civil Disservice

    Ted and Laura team up, which is a deeply unnatural thing

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    December 14, 2000

    Sexual Reeling

    Philip Kaufman's Quills is a harsh, lush lecture on sensuality and censorship

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    August 17, 2000

    Tears of a Clown

    The Eyes of Tammy Faye teaches us that garish televangelists have feelings too

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    July 27, 2000

    Porn to sell

    Product placement comes to adult videos...hey, watch where you put that thing!

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    December 23, 1999

    Ego trip

    Carrey channels Kaufman, but is it worth a trip to the Moon?

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    November 11, 1999

    Fool's proof

    David Chappelle giddy and on the road

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    August 19, 1999

    A woman scorned

    A suspect in Madalyn Murray O'Hair's disappearance is sentenced, but for which crime?

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    April 29, 1999

    Night & Day

    April 29 - May 5,1999

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    March 25, 1999

    TV or not TV?

    Ron Howard fiddles with the question

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    March 4, 1999
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    February 18, 1999

    The Case of the Headless, Handless Corpse

    A reporter's tip helped detectives identify a mutilated body dumped along the Trinity, but finding the man's name led to a deeper mystery -- the disappearance of atheist gadfly Madalyn Murray O'Hair

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    January 28, 1999

    Odd Man Out

    Dallas-raised Terry Southern wrote Easy Rider, hung with the Beatles, and influenced a generation. But he died penniless, and now his son must pay off Terry's debts--and restore his father's legacy.

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    July 9, 1998

    Night & Day

    July 9 - 15, 1998

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    March 5, 1998

    Love hate

    Nicholas Broomfield's Courtney problem

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    February 19, 1998

    Sucker punch

    In Palmetto, everything is as it seems to be--transparent and dull

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    January 30, 1997
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    January 23, 1997
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    January 16, 1997
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    January 16, 1997
  • Calendar

    January 9, 1997
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    December 26, 1996

    Bottoms up!

    Larry Flynt doesn't go all the way to bad taste

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    August 24, 1995

    Sex as a weapon

    Kids and Love and Human Remains rattle us with apocalyptic sensuality