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    January 27, 2010

    Dallas 24, Miami 3, You $85,000?

    ​When I was a kid, the only artist I knew by name was LeRoy Neiman -- musta been those Bicentennial Burger King giveaways, yech. So, I was kind of interested when a Friend of Unfair Park sent word that someone's auctioing off a Neiman original on eBay: Superbowl VI (Miami and Dallas). Only, what t ... More >>

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    December 31, 2009
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    June 18, 2009
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    October 23, 2008

    Dallas Theater Center's Engrossing, Heretical Take on the Civil Rights Movement

    The Good Negro bares roots of a movement; in Oak Cliff, a bumpy ride in Leonard's Car; Mummy dearest for tweens

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    October 12, 2006


    Thursday, October 12, at Will Rogers Auditorium, Fort Worth

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    November 4, 2004

    Catch a Ride

    The Artrain rolls into Fair Park

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    March 11, 2004

    The Icebox Revisited

    Houston had one of its most shocking race murders 45 years ago. But exactly whose tragedy was it?

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    December 28, 2000

    Why 2K?

    Nine is better than none this year

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    April 2, 1998

    The man who knew too much

    Meet Arthur Griesacker--the mysterious fellow who allegedly masterminded the Republic of Texas' funny-money schemes but always seems to escape prosecution

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    November 6, 1997
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    September 25, 1997

    Cold bore

    It's big and loud, but this Peacemaker is still a dud

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    May 22, 1997

    Spielberg's Lost

    Director digs up more dinos to prove--maybe--he's still a little playful

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    May 8, 1997

    We are the R.O.T.

    The Enloes are Republic of Texas stalwarts, but they don't go for hostage-taking. They prefer using bogus money orders to battle "the eight banking families that control the world."

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    January 18, 1996

    Evil's triumph at Texas Stadium

    Blesses are the Cheeseheads - even if they didn't make it to the Super Bowl