Leonard Mitchell

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    July 22, 2004

    Royal Police

    Kunkle must teach them to spell d-e-m-o-c-r-a-c-y

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    January 3, 2002

    Odds and Ends

    The more things change, the more we try to keep up

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    May 10, 2001

    We Shall Stay on Top

    Black leadership goes in the tank on civil rights, fights for the police chief's job instead

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    February 8, 2001

    Go on, Oppress Me

    Is racial profiling less serious when the police chief is black?

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    November 16, 2000


    Judge Not, Mr. Know-It-All, Young Gun

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    October 26, 2000

    Hell Is a Nuisance

    When you make the cops mad, they can make you very, very sorry