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    April 22, 2013

    Be Very Afraid: In the Texas House, the Gun Lobby and the Boston Bombing, the Fear-Mongerers are Winning

    So who exactly wants innocent people sent to prison for life? C'mon. You know this one. We all know the answer. It's the same people who think we should toss out the Constitution and put American citizens on trial in military courts. They're the arm-in-arm allies of terrorists everywhere, the same ... More >>

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    September 10, 2012

    The Overserved, Black Tie Edition

    Well, sugars. I hope you took advantage of the karmic energy being passed around town this weekend. Saturday was perhaps the most beautiful day of all time and space and had Dallas in the best mood I have ever seen. The scene was set, whether you found yourself tapping out kegs at Spune's inaugural ... More >>

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    September 13, 2011

    Nico Martini Ditched Football For Theater and Somehow Worked His Way Into HD Radio

    Welcome to Local Music 'Mericans , where we meet some of the people behind the local music scene -- those who aren't necessarily members of local bands, but more the people who make the scene move. Nico Martini​ Although we normally only see Nico Martini in his trademark short-bill painters' ... More >>

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    June 3, 2011

    More Awesome Local Music Facial Hair!

    ​We here at DC9 listen to you, dear readers. Your comments and views are near and dear to our black little hearts. And, after our last facial hair post got a ton of responses, we've figured out what you want. You want more beards. We'll, we're here to give them to you.Are beards sexy? Our informa ... More >>

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    September 2, 2010

    Bonus MP3: Lalagray -- "Bag of Bones"

    Sara KerensAshley Myrick​On Saturday night at La Grange, local singer-songwriter Ashley Myrick, who performs under the stage name of lalagray, will celebrate the release of her debut solo album Devil's Nest. And celebration, indeed, is in order: The piano-driven effort, which Myrick says is five y ... More >>

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    June 30, 2010

    So, Why Do Jews Eat Chinese Food at Christmas?

    ​My graduate degree, like most, hasn't been good for much. But today -- and, I strongly suspect, today only -- it qualifies me to expertly parse the most attention-getting exchange of the Elana Kagan confirmation hearings. When Lindsay Graham yesterday pressed Elana Kagan to recall where she ... More >>

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    May 27, 2010

    DOMA XXII: And The Nominees Are...

    ​Well, we did it. Just minutes ago, we reached 300 followers on Twitter for our @DOMATweets account. Which means, as promised, it's time to reveal the ballots.After the jump, feel free to peruse the ballot for your 2010 Dallas Observer Music Awards. And, in the comments, go to town on your thought ... More >>

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    January 4, 2007

    You Think Darrell Jordan's Having a CD Release Party at Good Records?

    Illustration by Tony Bones This is the cover of Zac Crain's double-disc mayoral fundraiser. Looks everything like him. Our boy Zac Crain, who we in no way are endorsing for mayor till he starts sharing his Star Wars action figures with the 3-year-old who lives in our house, is finally getting that ... More >>

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    July 19, 2006

    Crain: The Candidate of Pocket Change

    Since I've seen that one serious photo of Zac on his Web site a million times, I am using this one taken (by Aden Holt, I think) when Zac appears to have been 24. Or 8. Hard to say. Not 10 minutes after a helpful city employee faxed over my old pal Zac Crain's campaign finance report late yesterday, ... More >>

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    June 22, 2006

    More Plugs

    After reading this week's feature, discover more of the local blogosphere here

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    May 11, 2006

    Kickin' It In Aisle Five

    We didn't get the budget for a DOMA documentary, so here's a quick behind-the-scenes rundown instead

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    March 16, 2006

    Odds & Ends

    Arm your lyrical swords and prepare your Suge Knight jokes--it's rap battle time at

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    May 5, 2005

    2005 Dallas Observer Music Awards

    Case Solved: Killer musicians captured, thanks to your tips

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    April 15, 2004

    2004 Dallas Observer Music Awards

    You voted. We counted. It's your favorite local acts, amplified.