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    November 14, 2014

    Thirty-Seven White Supremacists Were Running a Massive Meth Ring in North Texas, Feds Say

    More proof that the white man is under attack: a bunch of local white supremacists are facing criminal charges for allegedly dealing meth in North Texas and beyond. As far as white supremacist drug gangs go, this one appears to be relatively diverse. Some of the people in the meth ring, the feds s ... More >>

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    October 9, 2014

    Another Dealer Sent to Prison for His Role in a Large North Texas Meth Ring

    Adiel Fuentes was a cog in a much bigger machine. He started working for Gerardo Cisneros halfway through 2012, according to court documents, and he took quite well to the type of work Cisneros employed him for. He was one of the main collaborators in Cisneros' burgeoning meth ring that DEA agents t ... More >>

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    July 8, 2014

    Mother Gets 28 Years for Leading Ring That Supplied Dallas with Coke, Meth and Heroin

    The money was stashed in a secret compartment in her car door. Silvia Flores, a middle-aged woman, was on the Gateway of the Americas Bridge, trying to cross from Laredo into Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. She was stopped, and in her secret compartment was more than $100,000. The 2009 incident didn't bring h ... More >>

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    June 6, 2014

    The Rise and Fall of a North Texas Meth Ring

    In court documents, he is referred to as "Ruben." We don't know his real name, and we don't know if he was the first to make contact with the now-27-year-old Gerardo Cisneros, aka "Tatuado" or, simply, "Jerry." But we do know that in November 2012, Ruben made a call to Cisneros about "tickets." Cis ... More >>

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    December 4, 2013

    Texas State Trooper Jimmy Gillman Caught Buying Meth in Cleburne, Police Say

    A Texas state trooper was arrested in Cleburne Tuesday night after allegedly buying 6grams of methamphetamine. According to the Johnson County Sheriff's Office, 47-year-old Jimmy Jay Gillman, an officer in the Texas Department of Public Safety's commercial vehicle enforcement unit, was picked up ju ... More >>

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    October 18, 2013

    A Mineral Wells Woman Died from Doing Meth, Crawling into Her Freezer

    When Shannon Herrin's teenage son found his mom dead in her garage in August, Mineral Wells police were perplexed. There was no evidence of murder -- no trauma, no signs of a struggle, no one with any apparent reason to want her dead -- and yet there was the indisputable fact that Herrin's body was ... More >>

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    January 6, 2012

    Feds Announce (Another) Local Meth Bust Involving Members of La Familia Drug Cartel

    ​In October of 2009, James Capra, the head of the Drug Enforcement Administration's Dallas Division, invited media to a press conference so he could show off the massive haul from a long-in-the-works bust involving the Mexican drug cartel known as La Familia: 220 pounds of methamphetamine, 4.5 kil ... More >>

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    November 17, 2011

    Postcard from Texas Meth Country

    In one East Texas town, a new brand of meth lab has business -- and the occasional house -- booming.

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    April 6, 2010

    Six Months After La Familia Bust, Dallas Boss Pleads Guilty to Meth Trafficking

    Kimberly ThorpeSome of the drugs and money seized by law-enforcement officials in the fall of 2009​We were there in October of last year, when the Drug Enforcement Administration, the FBI, the I.R.S., the U.S. Secret Service and Texas Air National Guard -- and every other law-enforcing acronym -- ... More >>

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    December 5, 2008

    "West Texas Puro Tango Blast" -- Not As Much Fun As It Sounds

    Only a few days ago, The Dallas Morning News ran a piece about Texas' Tango Blast gang, which was formed within the confines of the state's penitentiaries and "could change the Dallas landscape because it rejects old notions of prison gang exclusivity and lifelong commitments," wrote Tanya Eiserer. ... More >>

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    December 4, 2008

    Eastside Homeboy Gets 19 Years

    The U.S. Attorney's Office just sent word: Arturo Tinoco is going to federal prison for a long, long time -- 19 years and then some. Why? Because twice in the span of seven months, the 29-year-old was stopped by Dallas police, who, both times, found a whole bunch of methamphetamine in the car -- not ... More >>

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    March 6, 2008

    Coffee Boy

    David Sheff signs at Satrbucks

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    February 14, 2008

    Alice in Diapers

    Days of the New sober up at HOB

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    August 24, 2006
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    May 16, 2006

    Test Patterns

    Little strapped for cash? Got knee pain? Migranes? Or maybe vaginal atrophy? Or a spastic colon? Meth addiction? Hypoactive sex drive? Well, do I have the solution for you! It's called Research Across America, a clinical-study biz with offices in Dallas (and El Paso, Manhattan and Reading, Penn.), a ... More >>

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    January 12, 2006

    Pickup tricks

    Mesquite cops get a coked-up ride

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    June 16, 2005

    Service Industry

    A messy job, but somebody's gotta do it

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    May 16, 2002

    Salton Crackers

    A parade of crazies keeps this Sea afloat

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    September 6, 2001

    Drug Crazed

    Millions in federal tax dollars are being spent by narcotics task forces in Texas to nab low-level users and dealers. Is this any way to wage a drug war?

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    August 27, 1998