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    August 5, 2008

    Pardon, But Who's Paying For the Solar-Powered Water Taxi Again?

    Turn to Page 25 of your document, where you will find that a "shade structure take[s] the place of tree vegetation in this plaza preserving views of the downtown skyline and promenade." Also: a solar-powered water taxi. And: jet packs for everyone! This morning, while the Dallas city council’s Tri ... More >>

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    September 14, 2006

    The Lone Mitchell

    Rasansky's way out on his lonesome about those bridges

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    January 16, 2003

    Dallas' Chief Problem

    Nobody believes Terrell Bolton anymore--except his friends at Dallas City Hall

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    June 6, 2002

    Soaked Rich

    It's time for the wealthy to pay their fair share

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    June 14, 2001


    Pave the Damn Street; Lipscomb's Last Hope; Oak Cliff's Secret