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    May 9, 2014

    Eddie Spaghetti of The Supersuckers: "We've Purposely Tried Not to Evolve"

    For over 25 years, Eddie Spaghetti and The Supersuckers have been playing a raw brand of hillbilly soaked rock and roll in just about any venue that would care to book them. Over the years, a definite country influence has steadily wormed its way into the band's creative center resulting in 1997's s ... More >>

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    March 20, 2014

    Bill Steer of Carcass on Many Death Metal Bands: "It Seems to Be a Lot of Angry Posturing."

    For a band that originally formed way back in 1985, England's Carcass still pack a punch that should put newer metal bands in awe. The band's 2013 effort, Surgical Steel, was one of the best albums of last year, metal or otherwise. Filled with monstrous riffs and intricate lyrics, songs like "Cadave ... More >>

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    January 22, 2014

    The Nine Best Guitar Repairmen in Dallas

    Every working guitarists knows that if he doesn't have a good guitar doctor, his dreams of being a master shredder who destroys the crowd with rakes from his pick as he slides it up the string are dead. From a broken headstock to a cracked neck, a guitar technician is a master of skills. He's an ele ... More >>

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    August 27, 2013

    Who the Hell is Danko Jones?

    Who the hell is Danko Jones? "We're just a hard rock band from Toronto," he says. Yet, something in his radio friendly voice hints at a deeper meaning behind a man who shares a name with Danko Reproductions, a custom body shop; Emile Danko, a fictional Homeland security agent; and Rick Danko, anothe ... More >>

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    June 13, 2013

    Mike Scaccia of Rigor Mortis Died With His Boots On: Echoes and Reverberations

    Safe to say that I was doing bong hits on the couch one afternoon back in 1987 when Michael Alago, the A&R rep from Elektra Records who discovered and signed Metallica, called me up out of the blue and asked what was happening with the music scene here in Dallas. Alago was based in New York City, an ... More >>

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    January 23, 2013

    How The Atomic Tanlines Went From Church Choir to Crawling Around in Broken Glass

    The Atomic Tanlines received plenty of praise last year with their blend of punk, free jazz and soul. The Denton-based five-piece sat down with us at the Waffle House where they started to discuss their background in music. You can catch them this week at Le Bitch Manor on Thursday and at Dada on Sa ... More >>

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    October 31, 2012

    Converge's Jacob Bannon On Queen, Texas Wrestling and Being a Licensed Mixed Martial Arts Instructor

    Jacob Bannon, lead singer of the mighty Converge, returns to Dallas tomorrow night at Dada, as the four-piece promotes their latest, All We Love We Leave Behind. We caught up with him about the first record he bought, his first tattoo, how he got into mixed martial arts and his love for Texas wrestl ... More >>

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    October 25, 2012

    The 10 Best Halloween Shows in DFW

    Perhaps the pressure of planning your witty political costume have driven you to write off Halloween 2012 altogether. Don't throw in the towel just yet! There are plenty of great shows around DFW this weekend and on Halloween night that will put you in the festive spirit, even if you've opted for je ... More >>

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    January 12, 2012
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    August 8, 2011

    Neither A Phoenix Project Nor Nu-Metal Band, Maleveller Ventures Into The Metal Unknown

    Dylan HollingsworthMaleveller​ Heavy metal is a genre that is famously and often unintentionally self-parodying. Bands that are in on the joke, but that take their craft seriously, are rare. Local metal masters Maleveller seek to fill that void. Since their first show in 2009, they have careful ... More >>

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    January 19, 2010

    The Used Added To Dallas MusInk Bill

    The Used can get a slightly more professional-looking tat at MusInk than depicted on the cover of their latest.​As we mentioned a couple of weeks ago when Lucero and Telegraph Canyon were added to the bill, the lineup for the MusInk Tattoo & Music Festival April 9 through 11 looked like it wou ... More >>

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    March 6, 2009

    Echoes and Reverberations: Our Radio Heads Are Waxing Nostalgic

    The staff of the Zoo, as seen on Liles' bedroom wall poster.I was twelve years old and up way past my bedtime. The headphones were on and I was hiding underneath the blankets. The stereo was tuned to a Dallas radio station called "The Zoo". A DJ named JD was playing a track from The Beatles' W ... More >>

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    December 18, 2008
  • Music

    November 20, 2008

    Torche Tries a Slow Burn

    The Florida metal act takes the generic element out of its metal

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    November 14, 2008

    Echoes And Reverberations: Hitchhiking Along Post-Industrial Boulevard

    Noise is not for everybody. Some people hear a jackhammer on the street corner and promptly cover their ears; others hear a subsonic melody and random harmonic movement in the staccato repetition of mechanized machinery. “Industrial music” is the umbrella term used to describe artists who e ... More >>

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    August 7, 2008

    The Ozz-Man Cometh

    After years of touring the nation, Ozzfest 2008 finds a home in Dallas' suburbs

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    December 9, 2007

    Last Night: Lamb of God, Killswitch Engage at Nokia Theatre

    Lamb of God, Killswitch Engage, Devildriver and Soilwork December 8, 2007 Nokia Theatre Better than: Watching the Children of Bodom DVD Chaos Ridden Years with your friends. Download: Check our slideshow or take a look at our videos: Killswitch Engage performing "Breathe Life," Lamb of God playing ... More >>

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    June 15, 2006

    Young Lions

    Canada's Constantines chat about rock's golden trifecta: Dylan, Neil Young and Motorhead

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    February 23, 2006

    Looking at America

    Flogging Molly's Dave King left Ireland for a career in rock, but he couldn't escape his roots

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    July 31, 2003

    Down With the Ship

    "Big Steve" Shein ready to make his departure

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    April 25, 2002

    All Grown Up

    At 32, the USA Film Festival proves it can still play ball

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    September 14, 2000

    Name Game

    Speedealer learns you can't fight the feeling or a big-name band, but the group is rolling with the changes

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    March 2, 2000

    Out Here

    Bad Livers

  • Film

    February 24, 2000

    Booby trap

    Terror Firmer is a Troma-tic filmgoing experience

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    December 30, 1999

    The show-me slate

    DeRogatis' Top 10 Reasons for Living in 1999

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    June 13, 1996

    Desperately seeking Tori

    Mooncalf? Genius? Tori Amos pushes past the labels