Natascha McElhone

  • Home Entertainment

    June 21, 2007
  • Film

    June 12, 2003

    City of Ghosts

    Matt Dillon takes on Cambodia in City of Ghosts

  • Film

    March 27, 2003

    Sexual Healing

    In Laurel Canyon, a little erotic temptation proves good for the soul

  • Film

    November 28, 2002

    Half-full Frontal

    Perhaps the DVD of Solaris will fill this promising film's emotional holes

  • Film

    August 29, 2002

    Fear the Creeper

    Feardotcom's cheap thrills work--for the most part

  • Film

    July 13, 2000

    Half-baked Shake

    Although inventive, Branagh's Love struggles vainly for harmony

  • Film

    September 24, 1998

    The thrill is back

    John Frankenheimer reclaims his suspense-film crown with Ronin

  • Film

    June 4, 1998

    Camera ready

    In The Truman Show, a hypernormal Jim Carrey dives into the world of TV--and brings us a "message film" that almost works

  • Film

    March 19, 1998

    A day in the internal life

    This slow, meditative Woolf adaptation captures Woolf's mood and her genteel era

  • Film

    October 24, 1996

    Driven to abstraction

    Lack of tension and purpose kills Surviving Picasso