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    March 16, 2010

    Ron Chapman on the State of Radio and Why He'll Never Make a Comeback

    The great Ron Chapman​On April 13 in Las Vegas, Ron Chapman will be inducted into the National Association of Broadcasters' Radio Hall of Fame -- a momentous occasion that comes exactly one month after the Citadel Broadcasting Corporation pulled the plug on Platinum 96.7 and replaced it with an FM ... More >>

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    January 13, 2010

    Mazel Tov, Ron Chapman

    Texas Psychedelic RockIf you'd like to read more about Ron Chapman's teevee gig back in the 1960s, dig this.​The National Association of Broadcasters has announced the latest inductee into its hall of fame: the former Irving Harrigan, as he was known to listeners of KLIF waaaay back in the day. Th ... More >>

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    October 21, 2008

    Upon Further Review, ESPN Radio’s Marconi Nomination a Tad, Um, Iffy

    Hang your head, radio inventer. Hang your head. Last week I congratulated 103.3 FM ESPN Radio for its 2008 Marconi Award nomination. I suppose it’s still somewhat of an honor, but after a little digging around I’d like to soften my back-patting and retract at least some of my confetti. I ... More >>

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    October 15, 2008

    Greg Williams Muzzled by ESPN Radio’s Hardball

    Ssh! Can you hear Greggo? Me neither. First off, congrats to ESPN Radio for being nominated for a 2008 Marconi Award. Last month in Austin it was honored by the National Association of Broadcasters as one of five finalists for Sports Station of the Year. (Curiously, The Ticket won the award last ... More >>

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    July 3, 2008

    The Hard Lie

    How former Ticket host Greg Williams destroyed the most dynamic duo in Dallas talk radio through drugs, deceit and disaffection

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    February 28, 2007

    Wired is Right on the Gimarc

    George Gimarc: He introduced us to the Clash, now he has shorter versions of the Clash. It's not often you get to be six months ahead of Wired, so, please, do let me enjoy it. In the March issue, the cover story's not really a story, but a collection of bite-sized pop-culture pieces having to do wit ... More >>

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    September 18, 2006

    Gimarc Has Another Alternative

    George Gimarc, at far right, used to produce and write a syndicated radio show called Rotten Day with John Lydon. Bet that was a real joy. Because Johnny's so...not rotten. If you grew up in Dallas in the 1970s and '80s, you need no introduction to George Gimarc. On his "Rock and Roll Alternative" S ... More >>

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    September 15, 2006
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    December 18, 1997

    Lex and Terry's wet dream

    Can two transplants from the land of Lynyrd Skynyrd and fart smells find the key to radio fame at Dallas' Q102?