Nigel Hawthorne

  • Film

    August 12, 1999

    Touch of Orson

    All's Welles in Showtime's The Big Brass Ring

  • Film

    May 27, 1999

    The English prisoner

    David Mamet wraps an unusually warm embrace around The Winslow Boy

  • Film

    July 9, 1998

    The children's hour

    Madeline steps gracefully from storybook to screen

  • Film

    January 1, 1998

    Hype and holler

    The best of 1997 was OK, but sometimes the worst was better

  • Film

    December 11, 1997

    Out of Africa

    Spielberg delivers a wildly erratic--and tumultuously moving--historical epic with the overreaching passion of a man possessed

  • Film

    February 1, 1996

    Renaissance man

    Richard III star Ian McKellen may well be the greatest actor you've never heard of

  • Film

    December 21, 1995

    A tale of two Tricky Dicks

    Two Richards--Nixon and Lancaster--plus one Oliver--prove that power corrupts absolutely

  • Film

    February 2, 1995

    Disorder in the court

    Queen Margot and The Madness of King George explore the dark side of royalty