Northern Ireland Conflict

  • Film

    October 31, 2002

    The Scarlet Isle

    Northern Ireland's troubles explode in a new depiction of Bloody Sunday

  • Film

    April 27, 2000

    Empire's end

    High drama and spirited romance spice up The Last September

  • Film

    January 8, 1998

    Violence rules

    Treading familiar battleground, The Boxer weighs in a little light

  • Film

    November 13, 1997

    Top guns

    The Jackal offers the funof watching big-ticket actors trying to spin their images

  • Film

    March 27, 1997

    God help them

    Ford and Pitt shoot blanks in the dull and ham-fisted The Devil's Own

  • Film

    February 6, 1997

    Mothers- in-arms

    Terry George's IRA drama deals with the politics of prison--and of family

  • Film

    October 31, 1996

    Guerrillas in their midst

    Neil Jordan's passion fuels Michael Collins