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    February 14, 2008

    In Valentine's Day News, Sex Toys Now Perfectly Legal in Texas!

    Still no word on whether or not these sex toys are Constitutionally protected About four years ago in the paper version of Unfair Park, we chronicled the plight of Burleson's Joanne Webb, who was arrested by local police for selling dildos and other self-help devices out of her house. You remember, ... More >>

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    October 14, 2004

    Best Things That Go Buzz in the Night

    Passion Parties with Andrea Spencer

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    July 22, 2004

    Free at Last

    Charges against infamous dildo saleswoman dropped in Johnson County

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    April 29, 2004

    Boy, Oh, Boy

    Plus: Won't Somebody Please Think of The Children?; Mavs, Man

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    April 15, 2004

    Don't Mean a Thing

    As it turns out, Burleson does have that swing

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    April 8, 2004

    Godspeed, Goodspeed

    Plus: John Cocktoastin'; Kick ASSCAR

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    April 8, 2004

    Sex Toy Story

    You can't buy a vibrator in Burleson, but there are plenty of dildos