Project Greenlight

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    September 21, 2006

    The Beast That's Feast

    Inwood takes a bite out of horror

  • News

    December 4, 2003
  • Culture

    November 6, 2003

    Painful With Drawl

    Just OK, Tulsa Lovechild sags under TV gimmicks; DTC's Glass Menagerie goes limp with Southern angst

  • Culture

    August 21, 2003

    Lit Up

    It's more fun watching the movie get made than watching the movie

  • News

    August 14, 2003

    Crime Bites

    Plus: From Funland to La-La Land

  • Film

    June 6, 2002

    Good Will Stunting

    Matt and Ben pick a predictable, maudlin project to Greenlight

  • Culture

    March 7, 2002

    Chris Cross

    Behind the Greenlight is a producer proud to be an ass