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    April 30, 2014

    Finding Bourdain's Kulcha at Tandoor in Arlington

    Anthony Bourdain's recent culinary tryst to India for his show on CNN, Parts Unknown, left me in a bit of fit. Much in the same way it left Scott Reitz craving for kulcha, I too had dreams of freshly cooked naan (or kulcha) straight out of a tandoor. I also wanted to dance like the waiters, sing lik ... More >>

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    April 14, 2014

    Bourdain's Parts Unknown Season Three Has Me Craving Kulcha

    Last night as I was buried in my couch watching the season premier of Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown, it occurred to me that we've done a lot of blogging about food-related television shows like Top Chef on City of Ate, (mostly when the show has a local participant featured) but we've not spent mu ... More >>

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    October 4, 2012

    Two Ways To Find Value At Mughlai, One Of Dallas' Best Indian Restaurants

    I can't figure out why Indian food isn't more popular. Of all the cuisines to enjoy, it has the most character, most complexity and most diversity. A southern Indian curry flavored with coconut and heat is nothing like the rich meat stews from North India, and dishes from East India incorporate uniq ... More >>

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    May 31, 2007