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    March 17, 2014

    Dallas' St. Patrick's Day Celebration Used to Involve Actual Irish People

    Let's be honest: Apart from some obligatory references to the Emerald Isle's patron saint and the enthusiastic embrace of Ireland's most famous pastime (binge drinking), there's nothing terribly Irish about Dallas' St. Patrick's Day celebration. For revelers, it's about getting hammered; for the Gre ... More >>

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    February 5, 2012

    For Sale: A Dozen Photos of the Mighty Mercantile National Bank In the 1940s

    ​A couple of years back we virtually toured the Mercantile Bank Building as it looked following its 1958 redo, when Heritage Auctions made available 17 never-before-seen photos of R.L. Thornton's skyscraper taken by legendary Chicago-based architectural-photo firm Hedrich Blessing. Those photos, o ... More >>

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    February 1, 2012

    City Looking to Kick In $2 Million Toward Development Around Walmart on Ledbetter

    ​Word of warning: This won't be the sole Unfair Park item of the day to feature the word "Walmart." Patience, patience. But, to begin: Remember that Walmart going in at Ledbetter and R.L. Thornton? Right, that one. Gave us the phrase "Trees do not vote" during the contentious discussion about how ... More >>

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    January 19, 2012

    This Man Spent A Very Long Time Trying to Break Into an ATM on R.L. Thornton

    ​The Dallas Police Department has many, many photos of the man you see at right. They were all taken a little after midnight on December 20, on R.L. Thornton just off Grand Avenue, site of a Comerica Bank branch. But DPD does not know his name, which is why it dispatched to media several of his pi ... More >>

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    January 5, 2012

    Dallas Farmer's Market: Cut it Off at the Roots

    It's time to admit the city-owned market is a failure.

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    December 15, 2011

    To Save the Trees, Start by Saving Poor People

    ​Maybe we need some context for this week's debate on Wal-Mart Stores Inc. vs. the tree canopy. After a not-very-uplifting debate yesterday including the line, "Trees do not vote," our esteemed city council voted to allow a developer to decimate a vast swath of the urban forest for a new Walma ... More >>

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    December 14, 2011

    "Trees Do Not Vote" and Other Highlights From Contentious Council Talk About a Walmart

    ​Speaking of Dwaine Caraway ...The city council just voted on that Walmart Supercenter proposed for Ledbetter and R.L. Thornton, and though it ultimately passed unanimously it was no simple thing -- far from. It was quite the discussion -- heated at times, thoughtful at others. On the surface it w ... More >>

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    December 16, 2010

    Visiting Jubilee Park and Greenville Avenue During Today's Plan Commission Liveblog

    Just remember: If and when that Lower Greenville Ave. PD passes, this is what you'll get next summer. Ish.​Put down your Angry Birds Seasons, it's time for the City Plan Commission public hearing! Today the big item on the agenda is the rezoning of Lower Greenville into a Planned Development Distr ... More >>

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    May 28, 2010

    Go Inside the Mighty Mercantile Back in '58

    Heritage Auction Galleries/Hedrich BlessingR.L. Thornton had himself one groovy penthouse atop the Mercantile Bank Building.​While browsing the Heritage Auction Galleries site late last night, in search of something entirely unrelated (this, if you must know), I came across a most estimable offeri ... More >>

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    May 29, 2009

    Forest City's "Not Ready" For Mercantile Continental to Become Landmark. Or Apartments Either. Not Just Yet.

    Flickr photo: JVanTJim Truitt, Forest City's vice president of residential development, called me back today to discuss yesterday's meeting of the Landmark Commission's Designation Committee, which did indeed vote to re-initiate the historic designation process for both the Mercantile Continental Bu ... More >>

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    June 23, 2008

    I Meant to Take Pictures Inside The Merc. But, Really, That View is Amazing.

    A view of the new Mercantile complex, The Element, taken from the original historic building The Mercantile Place on Main's been open since March, and some 20 percent of the 66-year-old, 31-story building's occupied -- impressive, given the cheapest one-bedroom apartment in the all-rental rehab with ... More >>

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    February 12, 2008

    The Mercantile Tower Clock Is Tick, Tick, Ticking Again

    A Friend of Unfair Park who's working hard for the city shoots us the following missive, concerning one of downtown Dallas' landmarks: "I just noticed, as I looked out my City Hall window, that the Mercantile Tower and clock is finished and operational. It is quite nice looking." R.L. Thornton would ... More >>

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    July 30, 2007

    HOV Can You See DART's New Road? The First Six Miles, Anyway.

    About time: DART announced today that the first six miles of its new High Occupancy Vehicle lane on Interstate 30 -- the Tom Landry, like anyone refers to the Dallas-Fort Worth Turnpike by that moniker -- will open tomorrow. Which means only 44 more miles to go as DART begins the 50-mile expansion o ... More >>

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    December 18, 2006
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    July 13, 2006

    Old School

    DISD trustee Ron Price does everything you expect from a politician. These days that's a problem.

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    June 7, 2006

    Dissed by DISD: The Movie

    This morning, an e-mail landed in my inbox containing a link to a short film by local moviemaker Israel Luna. (Go to the site, click on the About Us section, then go to the Everything & Nothing Page link to see the movie.) Luna's a well-respected director—winner of awards at local fests, maker ... More >>

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    September 9, 2004

    Laff in the Dark

    For Dallas, for the city council, for now, this was good

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    November 11, 1999

    Ethical dilemma

    It was reformers vs. the business-as-usual crowd on Dallas' ethics task force. Somehow the reformers won. Sort of.

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    February 4, 1999

    On holy ground

    The fight over St. Ann's snares the city, Hispanics, and the Catholic diocese in a battle that tests Dallas' commitment to preserving its past

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    November 5, 1998

    Peep-hole power

    It's a scary world out there, but someone's gotta keep it under control. Jim Schutze uncovers the secret agony of the Dallas Citizens Council.

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    March 12, 1998

    City Hall's Slam-Dunk Gang

    Quick--someone take a pulse. The Dallas City Council hasn't peeped in months. And John Ware and Ron Kirk are looking awfully well-fed.

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    January 30, 1997

    Bully power

    Learning that rabble rules at Dallas school board meetings