Rick Najera

  • Calendar

    April 14, 2005

    Vote Pedro

    Napoleon Dynamite's Efren Ramirez is one reason to see Latinologues

  • Culture

    January 9, 2003

    Disorganized Crime

    Pocket Sandwich Theatre mixes fairy tales and mobsters and scores no hit, man

  • Best of Dallas

    September 26, 2002

    Best Debut by a New Acting Company

    Martice Enterprises, Latinologues

  • Culture

    June 6, 2002

    Talk to Me

    Three shows use the power of language to explore love, death and difference

  • Calendar

    May 30, 2002

    Latin Sensation

    Marco Rodriguez and Otis Gray show the many sides of la vida Latina

  • Best of Dallas

    September 20, 2001

    Best Daring Production at Fit

    Cara Mia's Production of Latinologues