State Office of Administrative Hearings

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    July 31, 2014

    Prime Prep Is Going Down Fighting

    Earlier this month, as reported by Unfair Park and practically every other outlet in town, the Texas Education Agency began the process of revoking Prime Prep's charter. The reasons for the potential revocation are convoluted, the upshot isn't. Should its charter be revoked, the school would have to ... More >>

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    July 11, 2013

    The Fight Over The Future of Texas' Deer

    Animal breeders square off against Texas.

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    March 15, 2013

    Wendy Davis Aims to Restrict Seizure of Private Land for Pipelines -- But Not the Keystone

    You'd think in this state, property rights would be the inviolable bedrock around which damn near everything else revolves. You'd think eminent domain, the taking of private property for public use, would be invoked only when the common benefit of a railroad, a highway or a pipeline is so undeniable ... More >>

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    July 23, 2012

    Irving Doctor Who Botched Liposuction Also Injected MMA Fighter With Banned Drugs

    I wouldn't have known it by watching two over-muscled and under-clothed men pummel each other senseless, in a cage no less, but mixed martial arts has rules. Surprising, too, that one of the rules is that you can't have too much testosterone in your system. I learned these things from an article tha ... More >>

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    September 7, 2011

    Eight Months After FW Mayor, AA Fought Topless Bar Near DFW, Judge Rules for Rick's

    ​Remember, way back in January, when then-Fort Worth Mayor Mike Moncrief and the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport were in a huff -- a downright tizzy! -- over Rick's Cabaret's plans to take off its top but a hop, skip and lap dance away from American Airlines' HQ on the south side of DFW? C ... More >>

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    April 22, 2009

    Northwest Dallas is About to Get a Little Less Law-Breaky Monday, If TABC Gets Its Way

    View Larger MapFellow Northwest Dallas resident Sharon Boyd directs our attention today to some heretofore unreported news involving a significant piece of the neighborhood: On Monday, the Texas Alcoholic Beverage will conduct hearings concerning several bars located at 2900 Walnut Hill Lane, otherw ... More >>

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    February 26, 2007
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    February 21, 2007

    No Coal Plant Hearings Till June. Breathe Easy. Get It? Aw...

    So, those coal-plant permit hearings didn't begin today after all -- and won't, for another four months, as per the State Office of Administrative Hearings' decision to postpone the proceedings till June 27 per State District Judge Stephen Yelenosky's ruling yesterday that Governor Rick Perry "lacks ... More >>

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    February 21, 2007

    Anti-Coal Forces Lay Out Case in Waco and Hope They Get to Do it in Austin

    Steve Susman is the attorney leading the anti-TXU coal plant crusade down in Austin this morning. Last night in Waco, Steve Susman -- the Houston attorney working pro bono for Mayor Laura Miller's Texas Cities for Clean Air Coalition -- laid out the group's case against TXU and the 11 coal-fired pla ... More >>

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    February 20, 2007

    Smoked Out

    Well, it looks like Mayor Laura Miller's schedule has cleared up for tomorrow. She was supposed to land in Austin at 7:20 a.m. Wednesday for the first day of hearings before the State Office of Administrative Hearings concerning TXU's attempt to get permits for 11 coal-fired plants throughout the st ... More >>

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    February 14, 2007

    Get on the Bus

    The mayor e-mailed Unfair Park last night with an offer to spend Tuesday night with her. At last! Oh, and you are invited as well, when Mayor Laura Miller and the Texas Clean Air Cities Coalition drive down to Waco the evening before the TXU coal-plant permit hearings begin in Austin. And, here's th ... More >>

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    January 26, 2007

    Laura Miller v. TXU: The Price of Emission

    Things be gettin' uh-guh-lee in the legal battle over TXU's proposed new 11 coal-fired power plants that will, in all probability, choke us to death. Today the Texas Clean Air Cities Coalition (or the TCACC), fronted by Mayor Laura Miller, is going to try to force TXU -- and, specifically, TXU Whole ... More >>

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    July 23, 1998

    Getting dumped

    Despite shoddy science, bad economics, and catastrophic health risks, a West Texas border community may become the nation's nuclear dumping ground