Tabasco Pepper Sauce

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    February 11, 2014

    This Seafood Club Is Reason One to Consider Pier 247, the New Restaurant in Oak Cliff

    Pier 247 opened a couple weeks ago in Oak Cliff (247 W. Davis Street), transforming what was once a small, lonely brick building into a pretty cool seafood restaurant. There's certainly not a glut of Cajun-inspired seafood restaurants in the area, and this spot offers just that in a nice, laid-back ... More >>

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    August 5, 2013

    Hypnotic Donuts Says It's Made the World's Hottest Doughnut, and Wants You to Eat Five

    If you have $20 burning a hole in your pocket and you want to eat a doughnut that could burn a hole in your stomach, you'll be interested in Hypnotic Donut's upcoming contest. See Also: I Ate the Hellfire at Hypnotic Donuts and Lived to Tell About It The event will challenge participants to eat fi ... More >>

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    January 17, 2013

    Quaker Steak and Lube Wants to Hurt Me With Their Hot Sauce

    The first time I got some hot sauce from Quaker Steak and Lube, I promptly gave it away. I wasn't very interested in a chain that specialized in cheese steaks and hot wings. Besides, we'd already done a post announcing the arrival of the service-themed, fast food restaurant. That was enough, right? ... More >>

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    January 11, 2013

    Preparing For Zest Fest: Learning The Scoville Scale

    With Zest Fest on the horizon, my eyes are a little more attuned to chili-related news. A post on the Smithsonian Food and Think blog seems a perfect primer to the upcoming festivities. See Also: -Zest Fest Returns to Irving Convention Center at Las Colinas -I Ate the World's Hottest Pepper This We ... More >>

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    January 2, 2013

    Rodeo Goat is Open in Fort Worth (Photos)

    Not upscale, not pretentious, no cute food. Rodeo Goat's tagline fits it quite well, even if it does nothing to describe what the restaurant actually is. The Fort Worth burger joint opened at the end of November at the hand of Sam Wynne, the man behind the Meddlesome Moth and the Flying Saucer chain ... More >>

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    December 13, 2012

    Our Favorite Dallas Dishes of 2012

    So much food, so little time

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    October 22, 2012

    The Soup that Inspired the Seinfeld "Soup Nazi" Episode is Coming to a Tom Thumb Near You

    The SoupMan, made famous by the "No soup for you!" line on Seinfeld, is now being delivered fresh from Al Yeganeh's soup kitchen near Hell's Kitchen in New York City to local Tom Thumb grocery stores. OK, maybe that's not the exact logistics, but it's close. After years of work, they've boxed it up ... More >>

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    September 17, 2012

    Smoke Chef Tim Byres on The Lost Art of Butchery, Plus the Best Butcher from Meatopia

    See Also: How Jimmy's Conquered Dallas See Also: Rudolph's Meat Market: Old-School Butchery Since Before the Art Was Cool Recently Chef Tim Byres of SMOKE and Chicken Scratch was one of three judges in the 2012 Best Butcher competition at Meatopia in New York City. The contest, hosted by Whole F ... More >>

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    August 15, 2012

    Hypnotic Donuts Hosting "World's Spiciest Donut" Eating Contest

    Local donut pioneer, Hypnotic Donuts, is hosting an inaugural "Beat the Heat - World's Spiciest Donut" eating contest, Saturday, August 25 at 1:00 p.m. at their store at 9007 Garland Road. Mocking the oppressive summer heat, this "progressive" contest starts with a regular donut then, as each is eat ... More >>

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    June 29, 2012

    I Ate the Hellfire at Hypnotic Donuts and Lived to Tell About It

    "That's the one." I tapped the glass with my finger, pointing to a lone, menacing-looking doughnut behind all the rest. This one was topped with a mound of emerald green and vivid orange pepper slices, in sharp contrast to the others so innocently adorned with pink frosted animal cookies, M&Ms and ... More >>

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    May 14, 2012

    100 Favorite Dishes, No. 93: Chicken and Waffles at Jonathon's Oak Cliff

    To prepare for this fall's Best of Dallas® 2012 issue, we're counting down (in no particular order) our 100 Favorite Dishes. If there's a dish you think we need to try, leave it in the comments, or email me. It could just be the picture. I've admitted my obsession with it before. There's somet ... More >>

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    March 1, 2012

    A Look at a New Food Truck: Cajun Tailgaters

    There has been an steady stream of new food trucks in the DFW area recently. And it seems the scene is, for the most part, taking shape. Last weekend both Dallas and Fort Worth hosted food truck parks or parties and customers kept the meals on wheels busy. A few of the newbies include Potato Potah ... More >>

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    December 21, 2011

    The Marquee Grill's Shrimp and Grits Stand with Dallas' Best

    ​Shrimp and grits, the low-country fisherman's breakfast staple, has been a mainstay on elevated southern menus for more than three decades. If you're interested, Robb Walsh wrote up a history on the dish over on the Houston Press, but regardless of the lineage of the dish, its permanence as a ... More >>

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    November 10, 2011

    10 Cocktail Suggestions While Listening To Dallas Bands

    ​Earlier this week we came across the website, Drinkify, which claims to "generate the perfect cocktail recipe to accompany any music." Naturally, as fans of both music and all types of alcohol, the site proved to be the perfect happy hour time kill. Our findings? The site is not only pretty com ... More >>

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    June 9, 2011

    What the Hell is Buckle? And Other Thoughts From City Of Ate Presents Supper Club Last Night

    Photo by Leslie MinoraIf every night ended with buckle, the world would be a better place.​So, we're new around here. And in an effort to assimilate us into both Observer culture and make us less alien to the Dallas food scene, we were sent to the City of Ate-sponsored Supper Club at the Kessler T ... More >>

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    February 15, 2011

    First Look: Elevation Burger Not Scaling New Heights

    ​Burgers and fries will never be good for you. But the conceit behind Elevation Burger, a small chain that recently opened its first of three planned DFW locations in the Hillcrest Shopping Center, is that fast food could be good for the earth.Elevation Burger claims to be the only franchised burg ... More >>

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    February 4, 2011

    Tabasco Sauce Could be Feeling Super

    Something Tabasco fans can use to wash down all that pizza.​The reliably stupendous sales of pizza on Super Bowl Sunday have inspired makers of pie accoutrements to intercept some of the action. Tabasco sauce has made an annual habit of piggybacking on the pizza industry's holiday, running ra ... More >>

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    February 1, 2011

    Pantry Raid: Six Snow-Day Meals

    Save the carrot. It may keep you alive.​Holy crap, it's snowing! Who could've seen that coming? (Shut up, Everyone's Parents.) We're excited for the snow day, but once the roads froze over we were a little concerned that a grocery run wasn't an option in the near future. So, it's time to bust ... More >>

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    December 27, 2010

    Six Tips for Losing a New Year's Hangover

    Nick RalloHypnotic Donuts has some damn fine spicy hangover cures.​After you figure out whose bed you're in, whose underwear you're wearing and how to get home, here are a few tips for hangover recovery on New Year's Day: 1. Eat donuts Donuts are the perfect booze-sopping-up grease bomb. Add ... More >>

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    December 21, 2010

    Pop Quiz: Can You Tell One City from Another By Menus?

    ​I recently had occasion to look up a menu from a town where I used to live, and was startled by how ostentatiously it flaunted the region's culinary biases. The menu was so obviously issued by a restaurant in this particular town that I'm pretty sure I could pick it out of a line-up of 100 me ... More >>

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    December 16, 2010

    When It Comes to Saving Food Dollars,
    One is a Lonely Number

    Hey, Betty Crocker: Got anything cheaper than $15.87 for a meal for one?​Since the holiday season seems like a good time for scrimping -- I'm still reeling at the price of postage for my holiday cards -- I've twice eaten dinner at home this month. Neither experience has been as cost-effective ... More >>

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    November 4, 2010

    Dean Fearing Listens to Andrea Grimes.
    Oh Man, We'll Never Hear the End of That.

    ​In an open letter to chef Dean Fearing, City of Ate contributor Andrea Grimes this week asked "Dean Fearing, why don't you make your won Bloody Mary mix?" Fearing now has a tortilla soup, tomato juice and V-8 answer at his namesake restaurant at the Ritz Carlton. "It's kind of one of those ... More >>

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    November 2, 2010

    5 Hot Sauces Your Mom Doesn't Want To Try

    ​For my birthday this year, I received a wonderful gift: Professor Phardtpounders Colon Cleaner. That's the kind of hot sauce packaging that makes you laugh, but also makes you a little nervous -- and if you're me, a lot excited. Colon Cleaner is a mustard-based hot sauce (great on a burger o ... More >>

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    August 2, 2010

    When Good Donuts Go Nuts at Hypnotic

    Nick RalloLeft: Jalapeno Donut with Tabasco and Frosting; Right: Donut Topped with Queso ​At Hypnotic Donuts early Sunday morning, creator James St. Peter had a big tease: next week he will debut the "no-more than 2,500 calorie" biscuit sandwich. What makes up the 2,500 calories? Fried chicken, h ... More >>

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    July 8, 2010
  • Dining

    May 13, 2010
  • Dining

    April 29, 2010
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    March 10, 2010

    No Need Skimping on the Shrimp--Not in Mexico or Your Fridge

    ​Forty tons of shrimp. That's how many of the curvy crustaceans are processed and shipped from Mazatlan every year deservedly earning this jewel city of the Mexican Riviera its designation as "Shrimp Capital of the World". (In fact, I've read estimates as high as 40,000 tons. In any case, that's ... More >>

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    January 26, 2010

    Out Of Order: The Chipotle "Ensalada de Meat Four Ways"

    Each week Out Of Order challenges restaurants to defend their dishes against someone trying desperately to mess things up. We hope to find a few who say the customer isn't always right.Patrick MichelsCount 'em, four meats.Ensalada de Meat Four WaysBowl of lettuce with chicken, barbacoa, carnitas and ... More >>

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    November 19, 2009

    Girl Drink Drunk: The Double-Wide, Anniversary Edition!

    ​It's hard to believe that just over a year ago, I sat at a patio table at the Double-Wide with Jen as we got trashed on Hurritangs and I lost my camera. Oh, memories. Sweet, sweet memories. Well, since then, my girl drinkers and I (and a few boys thrown in for good measure) have put ourselves thr ... More >>

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    July 23, 2009

    Appetite For Instruction: Gazpacho With Jumbo Lump Crab

    Recipe Demonstrated by Executive Chef James Johnson of Pappas Bros. SteakhousePappas Bros. Steakhouse is known for meat. Dry aged in house for 40 days and seared to sizzling perfection, you'll find their Rib Eyes, New York Strips and Filets Mignon on just about any Dallas-area carnivore's Top 10 lis ... More >>

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    June 18, 2009
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    April 10, 2009

    Handle The Proof: Prairie Fire

    The two ingredients that comprise a prairie fire can, on their own and in the right quantities, easily dispose of just about anyone's ability to function in an upright and lucid manner. Mix tequila and Tabasco together and you have...well, the closest thing to kerosene most of us will ever drink, a ... More >>

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    February 19, 2009
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    February 4, 2009

    Pairing Off: Buffalo Wings

    We all know the story by now, how a Buffalo pub owner took discarded chicken parts, fried them up and rolled them in a sauce composed largely of butter and Tabasco. Within a few years, wings were everywhere--the invention joining those other gifts that city has bestowed upon the world, such ... More >>

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    January 17, 2008

    Review: James Rowland's Bistro Nous

    Bistro Nous is inventive, but it's deviled by poor attention to details

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    July 19, 2007

    Slick Porch

    New Tristan Simon venture has good food, little personality

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    November 18, 2004

    Hamming It Up

    Walk the mall to help the hungry

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    October 28, 2004

    Ancestral Glaze

    The aging diva L'Ancestral needs an infusion

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    August 12, 2004

    Be Saucy

    Sur La Table thinks outside the bottle

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    July 15, 2004

    Big Shucking Deal

    Do different oysters really taste different?

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    June 17, 2004

    A Manner of Drinking

    What are bartenders’ biggest pet peeves?

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    January 9, 2003

    Big Fish

    The Oceanaire Seafood Room is a "power steak house with a seafood center"

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    September 26, 2002
  • Dining

    April 4, 2002

    Lovely 'Rita

    The neat, clean Margarita Ranch needs to let loose a little

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    September 13, 2001

    Of Feedlots and Fisheries

    Richard Chamberlain puts smiles on the mouths of both fish and meat fans

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    April 26, 2001

    Scene, Heard

    The Adventures of Jet sets the record straight

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    September 21, 2000

    Best seafood restaurant

    S & D Oyster Company

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    April 8, 1999

    Sofa kingdom

    The Contemporary British Painters exhibit soothes the critic's savage breast

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    May 11, 1995

    Super fry

    Babe's chicken is as good as you'll get 'round these parts

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