The Marx Brothers

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    July 3, 2014
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    July 19, 2013

    Bankrupt Detroit Will Survive the Wolves Howling at its Door

    Ah, Detroit. This morning, saddened by the bleak news of bankruptcy and shame, I pulled from the shelf my worn copy of a book of Detroit legends and re-read my favorite of all, the story the Loup Garou. French 17th century settlers on the shores of Lake St. Clair in the area that is now Grosse Poin ... More >>

  • Home Entertainment

    October 11, 2007

    What Else is New?

    DVD releases for the week of October 9

  • Culture

    March 16, 2006

    Throw Away the Key

    We don't like Madea Goes to Jail, but then that's not the point, is it?

  • Film

    January 19, 2006

    Who's Laughing?

    Albert Brooks looks for comedy and comes up empty

  • Calendar

    February 24, 2005
  • Film

    November 27, 2003

    The "S" Word

    Bad Santa is crude and rude and the jolliest Christmas movie ever

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    November 30, 2000

    Still Fab

    A spiffed up Hard Day's Night continues to dazzle, with its jump cuts, slow motion, and sped-up Beatles antics

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    October 19, 2000

    The Man of Many Face

    Christopher Guest takes his comedy very, very seriously

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    October 1, 1998

    Two if by sea!

    Stanley Tucci one-ups 1930s screwball comedies with The Impostors

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    December 18, 1997

    Schlock poetry

    Don't come looking for subtlety, but Titanic is a great big romantic cornball success

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    October 2, 1997

    Temper, temper

    Judge John Henry McBryde ruled his court like a minor despot, angering lawyers and fellow judges. Now they're lined up to depose him, and the Constitution be damned.

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    June 15, 1995

    Shock rock

    Hagfish tries to figure out if they're punk, pop, or just plain horny