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    November 20, 2014

    The New Bedhead Box Set is the Most Essential Dallas Reissue of 2014

    Last week, Bedhead, the renowned slowcore pioneers from Dallas led by brothers Matthew and Bubba Kadane, saw the re-release of its entire body of recorded work. Chicago-based record label Numero Group, a label that specializes in offering up richly detailed, comprehensive collections from artists de ... More >>

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    August 13, 2014

    Numero Group to Release Pioneering Bedhead Box Set

    In the world of film and DVD, the Criterion Collection is the king of digging up deserving films and offering them to the public. Each of their releases gets the deluxe treatment, filled with extras that highlight why the movie is worthy of such royal massaging. For music buffs, there are a few nota ... More >>

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    May 31, 2013

    The Case Against Supergroups, Even if They Feature Will Johnson and David Bazan

    Late last month, indie-loving fans of the globe, and especially here in Texas, finally received a single, but major, piece of news regarding the project that's surely to be slapped with the ubiquitous "supergroup" label. Overseas, consisting of David Bazan (Pedro the Lion), and former Dallasites Bu ... More >>

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    June 28, 2012

    How Merle Haggard Turned Me On To Bedhead

    I was fortunate enough to speak with legend Merle Haggard for this week's print edition of the Observer. Aside from being in awe each time he mentioned Willie Nelson, Lake Shasta (his home for many years, which he refers to in multiple songs) or Johnny Cash, I was particularly struck by our quick di ... More >>

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    August 9, 2010

    This Week In Dallas Music History: Laying Bedhead Down To Rest

    Bedhead: One of Dallas' best.‚ÄčThere's little doubting Robert Wilonsky's stance on Bedhead--dude's a fan.So there's little surprise then, that, in his August 6, 1998 article, "Putting it to bed," Robert's writing took on a somber tone. Hell, the last sentence in the piece might as well be sobs: "So ... More >>

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    January 7, 2010
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    February 19, 2009

    Today In Music News: Tinted Windows Is No Joke, Tough and Go Is No More (?), and Chris Martin Is No Slouch.

    Your daily dose of national music news for Thursday, February 19, 2009... If you're going to SXSW, you may want to check out the worlds most ironic supergroup--Tinted Windows. The band includes ex-Smashing Pumpkin James Iha, the middle Hanson (Taylor), Bun E. Carlos from Cheap Trick and Fountains o ... More >>

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    January 7, 2009

    The New Year Starts The New Year Off The Same Way It Ended The Last Year...

    ...which is to say that The New Year is still receiving plenty of love for its great self-titled 2008 release (and from people other than us!). Today, Stereogum returns to The New Year well to offer up a free mp3 of the song "MMV" from the band's recent disc. Furthermore, Matt Kadane gives the site ... More >>

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    October 24, 2008

    Matt Kadane Hits Shuffle For AV Club

    If you were wondering what is on Matt Kadane's iPod, you're in luck, as he's the current Random Ruler for The AV Club. In case you're unfamiliar with The AV Club, The Onion's entertainment section, Random Rules is a feature wherein a musician puts his or her iPod on Shuffle and comments upon whateve ... More >>

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    September 19, 2008

    Last Night: The New Year At The Granada Theater

    Transona Five, A Weather, The New Year Granada Theater September 18, 2008 Better Than: Sulking and reminiscing about the way things were, that's for sure. The New Year kept things in line all night. (Sarah Jane Semrad) The New Year's performance at the Granada Theater last night was, oddly enoug ... More >>

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    August 1, 2008

    Sarah Jaffe's Kind of Awesome, and the Kadanes Ain't Bad Neither

    If I may direct your attention to DC9 at Night for a moment, Pete's posted quite the present: the title track to Dallas Observer Music Awards fave Sarah Jaffe's forthcoming six-track EP Even Born Again, which the great Robert Jenkins dropped off yesterday. It's your for the taking; don't even need t ... More >>

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    July 23, 2008

    Still Waitin' for The New Year

    As Pete's taking the day off to recover from the Dallas Observer Music Awards -- and back in my day, we got an hour, tops -- thought I'd sneak this musical note by the goalkeeper. Because -- surprise, surprise -- it's a New Year notice, yet another in advance of the third album due from Matt and Bub ... More >>

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    June 29, 2008

    Last Night: Centro-matic, The Kadane Brothers and The Theater Fire at the Granada Theater

    Centro-matic, The Kadane Brothers and The Theater Fire Granada Theater June 28, 2008 Better than: Um...a lot of things, really. Y'know, when he wants to, Will Johnson can really work a crowd. Sure, this night was, for all intents and purposes, Centro-matic's night: The band's riding high on the r ... More >>

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    May 10, 2008

    The End's Finally Here for The New Year's New Old Video

    A treat for the weekend readers of Unfair Park: the latest video from Los Bros Kadane's The New Year. Only, yes, it's for an old New Year song: "The End's Not Near," off 2004's The End is Near -- or, ya know, that song for which an episode of The O.C. was named. It appeared yesterday, because, turns ... More >>

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    March 26, 2008

    Even If Bubba Kadane Doesn't Recall Much From This 2004 Show, You Can Right Now

    Los Bros Kadane: Matt and Bubba On Friday, we provided you a link to some long-lost live Bedhead, circa 1998. Well, the same MP3 blog today offers something perhaps a little more special: 11 songs Matt and Bubba Kadane performed in Germany in November 2004. (The site says '01, but Bubba tells Unfair ... More >>

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    March 21, 2008

    Bedhead, Now "More Than Ever"

    For the benefit of the olds in the listening audience, here's a 10-year-old track I found whilst taking my cane down Amnesia Lane: Bedhead, performing Transaction de Novo's "More Than Ever" at Bennington College on April 20th, 1998. It'll do whilst Matt and Bubba Kadane and the rest of The New Year ... More >>

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    January 29, 2007

    Rolling Stone Teases with Best Bootleg Ever (or Something), But We Actually Deliver

    This is David Fricke, who writes about "must-have" bootlegs you can't have because he doesn't tell you how or where to get them. To hell with Rolling Stone. Apparently, the only reason I take the magazine, which stopped being relevant long before I was born, is because every couple of weeks it's goo ... More >>

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    January 3, 2002

    Safe at Home

    Donít forget the local boys...and girl

  • Best of Dallas

    September 21, 2000

    Best live music venue

    Gypsy Tea Room

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    August 3, 2000

    Across the Bar

    New Year's day; Texas Punk Sweethearts; Growth spurt for Polyphonic Spree; Waging Red Animal War