Trade Federation

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    December 19, 2008

    Where Does Ron Kirk Stand on Trade? Why, On His Feet, Of Course.

    Captain Ronald Tiberius Kirk will be promoted to admiral this morning, after which time he will have to deal with the Trade Federation, no easy task there. Hunh. I feel like I've confused some things here. President-elect Barack Obama will name First Buddy Ron Kirk the chief U.S. trade representativ ... More >>

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    July 15, 2004

    Sacrificing Isaac

    I, Robot owes little to Asimov and much to prior sci-fi cinema

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    May 20, 1999

    Wish upon a Star

    The Phanton Menace is everything a Jedi could have hoped for

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    May 20, 1999

    Star bores

    Don't believe the hype -- oh, like it even matters