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    May 4, 2012

    Ralph Hall Demands to Know What NOAA Spends on Magicians, Comedians, Mind Readers

    Rep. Ralph Hall finally found his General Services Administration-style confab scandal. No, it doesn't involve EPA employees playing a blindfolded game of Crucify the Energy Executive during a conference at The Venetian. But it's the next best thing: the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administrati ... More >>

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    February 2, 2012

    Owner's Looking to Landmark His House, Designed by the Late, Great Harris Kemp

    The "Harris Kemp House" at 2822 Maple Springs Boulevard​I've driven past this house countless times; it's not far from the office, after all, more or less just behind Maple and Motor on Maple Springs Boulevard. But till I saw the agenda for Monday's meeting of the Landmark Commission, I had no ide ... More >>

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    May 4, 2006

    Sheriff Who?

    Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez was a revolutionary candidate--as a leader, not so much

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    March 3, 2006

    Light Sleeper?

    Andrew Wamsley's defense rested about an hour ago at his murder trial in Fort Worth. (For those too busy to click the link, Wamsley's accused of shooting and stabbing his parents shortly before Christmas in 2003, so he could collect their $1.65 million estate. Chelsea Richardon has been convicted of ... More >>

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    March 20, 2003

    Greasing the Wheels

    How Texas Motor Speedway got Denton County to pay for a freeway exit to nowhere—except, that is, to the speedway

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    November 13, 1997

    School's out

    Walt Whitman Community School in Oak Lawn is America's first private high school for gay and lesbian students. Despite some grim personal stories, the kids are all right.

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    December 19, 1996

    Feeling Lucky?

    You'd better be. Even in the predatory world of towing companies, they don't get much nastier than Elite Towing, Inc.