Wilbur Penn

  • Culture

    November 15, 2007


    Risk Theatre puts Judas Iscariot on trial; Oleanna goes to academic hell

  • Culture

    April 12, 2007

    Imaginary Fiends

    Mr. Marmalade, Lawrence & Holloman buddy up to the absurd; Parade's a main drag

  • Calendar

    April 5, 2007

    Misery Loves Company

    See another bummer of a musical

  • Culture

    February 8, 2007


    Moonlight and Magnolias tries to rewrite movie history; Jubilee Theatre makes Crumbs palatable

  • Culture

    October 12, 2006

    Who's on Faust?

    Heavy bargaining for souls at Jubilee Theatre, Lyric Stage; hell is Glory of Living

  • Culture

    August 3, 2006

    Fractured Fairy Tales

    Three merry musicals sing their way to happy endings (wink, wink)

  • Culture

    January 16, 2003

    Wilde Things

    Lady Windermere's Fan flutters in Plano; Blacken Blues works wild ideas into Corporate Plantation

  • Culture

    February 25, 1999

    You Godot, girl

    Kitchen Dog's staging of Beckett's brooding comedy is worth the Waiting