Zak Herring

  • Culture

    November 23, 2006

    Maim That Tune

    Sour notes (on purpose!) at Theatre Three; at DCT's Rabbit, the paw that refreshes

  • Culture

    March 23, 2006

    Lay On, MacBuff

    Theatre Britain strips the Scottish play and its actors down to their bare essentials

  • Culture

    September 29, 2005

    Some Pig

    Cute hams in DCT's Charlotte's Web; one actor hogs the stage in Shakespeare's Keeper

  • Culture

    September 30, 2004

    We, the Jury

    With To Kill a Mockingbird, Dallas Children's Theater stages a trial with few errors

  • Culture

    September 16, 2004


    DTC kicks it up a notch with Anna in the Tropics; area critics honor the year's best stage work

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    October 30, 2003

    Ghoul Crazy

    Handsome Frankenstein at Dallas Children's Theater; Cargo troupe takes Dracula down for the count

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    September 25, 2003

    Island Fantasy

    Dallas Children's Theater plays cat and mouse; Hedwig stays angry two more weeks

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    September 18, 2003

    Hamlet Maneuver

    Local stages choked with Shakespeare; critics honor the year's best theater work

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    October 17, 2002

    Easy Does It

    WaterTower scores a hit with vintage comedy; critics pick season's winners

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    July 26, 2001

    The Claptrap

    Sturdy performances can't save the eminently forgettable The Unexpected Guest

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    June 10, 1999

    Unburied treasure

    The world premiere of Little Mexico is another vivid Teatro treat

  • Culture

    October 5, 1995

    Winnie the wimp

    Dallas Children's Theater wrings as much life as it can from A.A. Milne's limp tales