7-Eleven To Unleash Upon this World a Great Beer. Ya think?

7-Eleven To Unleash Upon this World a Great Beer. Ya think?
From Unfair Park

Throw out those 30 Stones getting frost burn in your crisper--a new beer is coming. As Unfair Park just released, 7-Eleven is producing a new "premium" beer called, that's right everyone, Game Day.

We can imagine the commercial now: a mustachioed cross between Tom Selleck and Mike Ditka peruses the 7-Eleven  aisles for a drink. He comes across "Game Day," cracks one, and is immediately transported to a nearby Sports Stadium (Super Bowl XLV ad possible?) where thousands of supporters turn to the camera with their own freshly cracked Game Days. Close-up of beer-foamed mustache.

This isn't 7-Eleven's virgin foray into brewing. They partnered with Miller-inspired "Santiago," which shockingly failed, and last year saw the release of the private-label wine "Yosemite Road" ($3.99). Read more on how Game Day differs from Santiago in Unfair Park's interview with 7-Eleven spokesperson Margaret Chabris here

Look forward to Hophead downing a case of the stuff and a Five Hour Energy before venturing out to a hot-dog eating contest.

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