A Spotter's Guide to Cheap and Expensive Burgers in Dallas

We're living in the age of the high-end cheeseburger. The Kraft single suddenly lives harmoniously alongside Wagyu. Jarred pickles are Dodo birds, extinct after a long reign of artisan pickles. Custom buns have been spotted in greater numbers.

Looking at Dallas’ ecosystem, burger options range from American Revolution-era cheap to Trump-Hotel-level expensive. Here's a sample of Dallas burgers, from the cheapest (outside of fast food chains) to the priciest:

Keller’s Drive In Cheeseburger, $2.65
A splash of yellow mustard meets white onion disc alongside tomato on a poppy-seeded bun.
Dairy-Ette's Cheeseburger, $4
Dairyette’s’ “mustard all the way” comes with sharp mustard, lettuce, tomato, pickle and onion.
Off-Site Kitchen's Stock Cheese, $4.79
American cheese tops a quarter-pound, house-ground patty with shredded lettuce, tomato and pickle on a Village Company bun.
Ivy Tavern's The Ivy Burger, $10.95
A half-pounder with a custom blend of Black Angus brisket, short rib and chuck steak — with Romaine lettuce, a couple of hot red tomatoes and ribbons of pickle — on Village Bakery’s brioche.
Remedy's Cheeseburger, $14
Kansas City Kobe (get it medium rare, please) topped generously with American cheese, dill pickles, sweet onions and a creamy mustard on griddled challah. 
Knife's The Magic, $16
44 Farms 80/20 Angus beef topped with cheddar, bacon and bookended by a toasted English muffin. 
Kitchen LTO's The Burger, $19 (Limited time)
Beautiful 30-day dry-aged beef, topped with bacon shallot aioli (spiked with Fresno chilies), melted American cheese and pickles. Comes with house salt-and-vinegar chips.
Local's Cheese Burger Basket, $22
Heritage kobe beef is topped with grilled Vidalia onions and melted gruyère. Panko-rolled fries join the basket.

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Nick Rallo
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