And The Libertine Beer Dinner Winner Is...

Self-portrait by Eugène Delacroix, who apparently came back from the dead to enter and win a beer-naming contest.

Thanks to all the commenters for the fun beer ideas from yesterday's

Libertine Oktoberfest Beer Dinner contest

. Some sounded tasty, some sounded disgusting and some had us laughing out loud.

Here are a few of our favorites.

Kris had a very tasty idea with the "Trick or Treater -- An ale that uses chocolate malt, Belgian candi sugar, and nut flavors (either from nuts or grains) to make it taste like a Snickers bar."

Beer Bitch had another great idea with "Pilgrim Ale: Caramelized butternut squash and brown sugar ale. Should result in an amber color with a rich, frothy head. A good 8-9% ABV would be optimal."

L. Miller got us rolling with some political humor, suggesting "The County Commissioner: A very predictable brown ale. Please turn the taps around toward the customer, as this brew is totally self-serving."

But with a witty name and a beer recipe that actually sounds really good, Eugène Delacroix appealed to our love of Breaking Bad with "Crystal Mette: Crystal malt, Williamette hops. Should impart a caramel taste and earthy aroma that would add complexity to Autumn table-fare. Plus, it's addicting."

Congratulations, and thanks to the Libertine.

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The Libertine Bar

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